Reference information provided by the West Yorkshire Archive Service.

 BNC1  Bradford Moor (Wesleyan)  48D86/4 
 BNC1  Bradford Moor Greenhill (Wesleyan)  75D80/2/3/C-2/3/D 
 BNC1  Brownroyd (Congregational)  64D87 
 BNC1  Burley In Wharfedale (Congregational)  51D98/1/1-1/2 
 BNC1  Clayton (Baptist)  31D95/1-6 
 BNC1  Clayton (Wesleyan)  76D86/1/2-1/7 
 BNC1  Crossroads (PM)  62D81/2/1 
 BNC1  Denholme (Wesleyan)  84D90/1-2 
 BNC1  Denholme Clough (PM)  14D83/1-2 
 BNC1  Frizinghall (Congregational)  1D86/1/3 
 BNC1  Great Horton (UR)  10D91/1/A 
 BNC1  Great Horton (Wesleyan)  8D94/1/1 
 BNC1  Great Horton Wesley Place/Bakes Street (UR) Refilmed  77D91/1 
 BNC10  Bolton Woods (Wesleyan)  56D78/2A/1A 
 BNC10  Bradford Dudley Hill Wakefield Road (Wesleyan)  75D80/2/1 
 BNC10  Bradford Horton Road  57D76/2/F/1A/I-1A/II 
 BNC10  Bradford Kirkgate (Wesleyan)  57D76/2B-2D 
 BNC10  Bradford Richmond Terrace (Wesleyan)  57D76/2/G/1A 
 BNC10  Bradford Shearbridge Road (UM)  57D76/2/F/1A/III 
 BNC10  Brownroyd Woodlands Street (Wesleyan)  55D80/1/3 
 BNC10  Frizinghall (Wesleyan)  56D78/2B/2A-2B 
 BNC10  Girlington (Congregational)  WYB10/3/1/1 
 BNC10  Later Mannville Chapel, Shearbridge Road (MNC)  2/F/1/B&C 
 BNC10  Low Moor Wesley Place (Wesleyan)  42D79/1-4 
 BNC10  Manningham Greenfield (Congregational)  WYB10/2/1/1-2/1/2 
 BNC10  Wibsey (UM)  57D76/2/1/1A 
 BNC11  Bowling Ebenezer (Bible Christians)  75D80/2/2/1-2/2/2 
 BNC11  Bradford Chapel Lane (Old Toad Lane) (Presb)  30D81 
 BNC11  Bradford Moor Greenhill (Wesleyan)  75D80/2/3A-2/3B 
 BNC11  Laisterdyke (Free Wes)  75D80/2/4/A 
 BNC11  Shipley Bethel (Baptist)  36D81/1/1 
 BNC11  Shipley Bethel (Baptist)  36D81/1/3 
 BNC11  Shipley Bethel (Baptist)  36D81/1/5 
 BNC11  Thornbury Mission (Wesleyan)  75D80/2/5A-2/5E 
 BNC11  Tong, Tong Street Mission (Wesleyan)  75D80/2/6 
 BNC11  West Bowling (Wesleyan)  75D80/2/8 
 BNC11  West Bowling Rehoboth (PM)  75D80/2/9 
 BNC11  West Bowling Ryan Street (UM)  75D80/2/7 
 BNC11  Wyke Westfield (Congregational)  51D81/1 
 BNC11  Wyke Westfield (Congregational)  51D81/2-4 
 BNC11  Wyke Westfield (Congregational)  51D81/5 
 BNC11  Wyke Westfield (Congregational)  51D81/6 
 BNC12  Bowling Salem (MNC)  42D82/2A-2C 
 BNC12  Bowling Salem (MNC)  7D82/1-4 
 BNC12  Bradford Otley Road (Wesleyan)  80D83/5/2/1/A-5/2/1/B 
 BNC12  Clayton Heights Dolphin (Wesleyan)  54D82/2/3/1 
 BNC12  Greengates Brunswick (Wesleyan)  80D83/2/7/1/1A 
 BNC12  Laisterdyke (Independent)  31D83/A/1/1 
 BNC12  Laisterdyke (Independent)  31D83/A/1/2 
 BNC12  Little Horton Dirkhill (PM)  54D82/2/5/1 
 BNC12  Shelf Wade House (PM)  54D82/2/8/1-2/8/2 
 BNC12  Shelf Witchfield  54D82/2/9/1/B/I 
 BNC12  Shelf Witchfield  54D82/2/9/1/C 
 BNC12  Shelf Witchfield  54D82/2/9/1/A/I-2/9/A/II 
 BNC12  Shipley Rosse Street (Baptist)  36D81/2/1 
 BNC12  Thornton New Road (Cong/Ur)  69D83/1 
 BNC12  Undercliffe (Wesleyan)  80D83/5/3/1 
 BNC13  Bowling Prospect Hall Wakefield Road (Wesleyan)  47D86/57/1-57/2 
 BNC13  Bradford Bethesda Undercliffe Street (WR)  47D86/47/1 
 BNC13  Bradford Bolton Road Victoria Hall (Wesleyan)  47D86/78/1 
 BNC13  Bradford Eastbrook Hall (Wesleyan)  47D86/27/1-27/3 
 BNC13  Bradford Eastbrook Hall (Wesleyan)  47D86/28/1-28/5 
 BNC13  Bradford Eastbrook Hall (Wesleyan)  47D86/29/1 
 BNC13  Bradford Free Street Otley Road Mount Of Olives (UMFC)  47D86/53/1 
 BNC13  Bradford Southend Street Southend Hall (Wesleyan)  47D86/65/1 
 BNC13  Bradford Tennyson Place Bethesda (PM)  47D86/70/1 
 BNC13  Frizinghall (Congregational)  1D86/1/1-1/2 
 BNC13  Ilkley Wells Road (Wesleyan)  37D86/1-7 
 BNC14  Bradford Moor (Wesleyan)  48D86/3 
 BNC14  Clayton (Wesleyan)  76D86/1/1 
 BNC14  Eccleshill (Congregational)  19D88/1/2 
 BNC14  Ilkley Leeds Road (PM)  56D86/2/3/1/1 
 BNC14  Ilkley Wells Road (Wesleyan)  56D86/2/5/1/1 
 BNC14  Queensbury (Baptist)  38D88/1/1-1/3 
 BNC14  Silsden (PM) Circuit  55D86/1 
 BNC14  Wibsey (Wesleyan Reformers)  94D87/1-3 
 BNC15  Baildon Westgate (W)  54D91/2/1 
 BNC15  Baildon Westgate (W)  54D91/2/1 
 BNC15  Baildon Zion (PM)  54D91/3/1 
 BNC15  Baildon Zion (PM)  54D91/3/2 
 BNC15  Bingley Mornington Road (Wesleyan)  17D92/1/1-1/2 
 BNC15  Bradford Westgate (WR)  39D92/3/1 
 BNC15  Charlestown, Baildon (Wesleyan)  54D91/4/1 
 BNC15  Clayton Heights Dolphin (Wesleyan)  11D91/4/1 
 BNC15  Eccleshill Ravenscliffe Avenue (Wesleyan)  1D90/7/1 
 BNC15  Great Horton Wesley Place (Congregational)  24D90/1/1-1/2 
 BNC15  Great Horton Wesley Place/Bakes Street (UR)  77D91/1 
 BNC15  Heaton (Wesleyan)  39D92/8/1 
 BNC15  Low Moor Wesley Place (Wesleyan)  39D92/11/1 
 BNC15  Manningham Heaton Road (PM)  39D92/12/1 
 BNC15  Queensbury (Baptist)  38D88/1/4 
 BNC15  Queensbury (Baptist)  38D88/1/6 
 BNC15  Queensbury (Baptist)  38D88/1/7 
 BNC15  Saltaire (Wesleyan)  17D92/13/1 
 BNC15  Undercliffe (Wesleyan)  1D90/6/1 
 BNC15  Undercliffe (Wesleyan)  1D90/6/2 
 BNC16  (Inc Wesley Place & Oxley Place) (Methodists)  2/2/1 
 BNC16  Bradford Manchester Road (PM)  59D96/1/1-1/2 
 BNC16  Bradford Spring Street (Gospel Pilgrim)  12D97/1 
 BNC16  Gilstead (Wesleyan)  10D97/1 
 BNC16  Gilstead (Wesleyan)  10D97/2A-2C 
 BNC16  Grassington (PM) Circuit  59D96/4/1 
 BNC16  Grassington (Wesleyan) Circuit  59D96/4/2/1-2/2 
 BNC16  Laisterdyke Maltby Street (PM)  59D96/6/1 
 BNC16  Low Moor Aldersgate  3D98/2/1/1-2/1/5 
 BNC16  Low Moor Wesley Place (Wesleyan)  3D98/2/3/1 
 BNC16  Low Moor Wesley Place (Wesleyan)  3D98/2/3/2-2/3/3 
 BNC16  Manningham Carlisle Road (Wesleyan)  39D92/13/1-13/2 
 BNC16  Manningham Toller Lane (Methodist)  39D92/15/1 
 BNC16  Manningham White Abbey Road (Wesleyan)  6D93/11/1 
 BNC16  West Bowling Park (Methodist)  3D98/2/4/1-2/4/4 
 BNC16  West Bowling Park (Methodist)  3D98/2/4/5-2/4/9 
 BNC16  Wyke Huddersfield Road (Wesleyan)  3D98/2/6/1-2/6/3 
 BNC17  Allerton Prospect Chapel (Methodist)  42D99/1/1-1/3 
 BNC17  Bradford Central Avenue (Formerly Park Lane) (WR)  6D00/1/1-1/3 
 BNC17  Bradford Little Horton Lane Annesley Centenary  5D99/1 
 BNC17  Queensbury (Baptist)  24D98/1 
 BNC17  West Bowling Muff Field (WR)  6D99/1-5 
 BNC17  Windhill Bethel (Wesleyan)  48D98/1/1 
 BNC17  Windhill Bethel (Wesleyan)  48D98/2/1-2/6 
 BNC17  Wyke (Wesleyan)  3D98/2/8/1 
 BNC17  Wyke New Road Side (Wesleyan)  3D98/2/7/1-2/7/2 
 BNC18  Bingley Mornington Road (Wesleyan)  WYB86 
 BNC18  Cullingworth (Baptist)  12D00/C422/1/1 
 BNC18  Eccleshill (Baptist)  12D00/C424/1/1 
 BNC18  Eccleshill Norman Lane (Wesleyan)  8D00/1/1-1/2 
 BNC18  Girlington (W)  74D00/4/1/1-4/1/4 
 BNC18  Girlington (W)  74D00/4/1/5-4/1/11 
 BNC18  Keighley Assembly Of God (Pentecostal)  WYB28 
 BNC18  Manningham Daisy Hill (Wesleyan)  74D00/3/1 
 BNC18  Ryecroft (PM)  112D00 
 BNC19  Keighley Albert Street (Baptist)  BK16/1/1/1 
 BNC19  Keighley Albert Street (Baptist)  BK16/1/2/4 
 BNC19  Keighley Victoria Park (Wesleyan)  BK15/2/22/1A-1C 
 BNC19  Oakworth Dockroyd (Wesleyan)  BK115/2/8/8A-8B 
 BNC19  Sutton In Craven (Baptist)  BK28/1/1-1/3 
 BNC2  Manningham Haworth Road (Methodist)  6D93/5/1-5/9 
 BNC2  Manningham White Abbey Road (Wesleyan)  6D93/11/1 
 BNC2  Saltaire (UR)  72D92/1/1A-1/1B 
 BNC2  Shipley Otley Road Providence (Wesleyan)  40D76/2/12/1/C 
 BNC2  Shipley Springwood (Congregational)  10D77/5B 
 BNC2  Sislden Wesley Place (Wesleyan)  8D94/2/1-2/5 
 BNC2  Thornton New Road (Congregational)  69D83/2 
 BNC2  Wibsey (Wesleyan Reformers)  94D85/4 
 BNC2  Wibsey (Wesleyan Reformers)  94D85/5 
 BNC2  Wibsey Zion (Cong/UR)  43D88/1/1-1/3 
 BNC2  Wilsden Central (Wesleyan)  45D90/1-4 
 BNC2  Windhill (Congregational)  45D88/1/1 
 BNC2  Windhill (Wesleyan)  40D76/2/15/1/C-1/D 
 BNC2  Wyke Westfield Road (Cong/Ind) Refilmed  5D81/4 
 BNC20  Denholme Ege (Ind/UR)  WYB101/1/1/2/1-1/1/2/3 
 BNC20  Eccelshill Stoney Lane (Wesleyan)  WYB218/2 
 BNC20  Eccleshill Norman Lane (PM)  WYB218/3-4 
 BNC20  Eccleshill Victoria Road (Free Methodist)  WYB218/1 
 BNC20  Keighley Airedale Church Victoria Park Roundabout  6D98/1 
 BNC20  Listerhills Princeville (Wesleyan)  WYB204/1-2 
 BNC20  Listerhills Princeville (Wesleyan)  WYB204/3-8 
 BNC20  Thornton Bethesda (Wesleyan)  WYB156/1-4 
 BNC20  Thornton New Road (UM)  WYB156/5 
 BNC20  Wibsey (Methodist)  WYB200/1-2 
 BNC20  Wibsey (Methodist)  WYB200/3-9 
 BNC3  Gilstead (Methodist)  16D96/1 
 BNC3  Great Horton (Wesleyan)  43D93/1 
 BNC3  Greengates Brunswick  80D83/2/7/1B 
 BNC3  Harden (Wesleyan Reform)  40D76/11/4 
 BNC3  Haworth Hall Green (Bapt)  59D84 
 BNC3  Idle (Unitarian)  14D78 
 BNC3  Idle Ebenezer (PM)  30D94/2/1 
 BNC3  Ilkley Leeds Road Refilmed  56D86/2/3/1/1 
 BNC3  Ilkley Wells Road (Wesleyan)  37D86/1-7 
 BNC3  Laisterdyke (UM)  75D80/2/4/B 
 BNC3  Lidget Green (Congregational)  1D89/6 
 BNC3  Lidget Green (UR)  69D81/1/1 
 BNC3  Lidget Green (Wesleyan)  1-2 
 BNC3  Lidget Green (Wesleyan)  1D89/7 
 BNC3  Low Moor Wesley Palce (Wesleyan)  42D79/5-6 
 BNC3  Manningham Carlisle Road (Wesleyan)  39D92/13/3 
 BNC4  Bradford Eastbrook Hall  47D86/28/6-28/15 & 28/17 
 BNC4  Bingley (Independent Meth)  4D95/1 
 BNC4  Bowling (PM)  6D94/1 
 BNC4  Bowling Prospect Hall (Wesleyan)  47D86/57/3-57/4 
 BNC4  Bowling Salem (MNC) Refilmed  7D82/1-4 
 BNC4  Bradford Bethesda  47D86/47/2 
 BNC4  Bradford Eastbrook Hall  47D86/27/4-27/5 
 BNC4  Bradford Little Horton Lane Annesley (Wesleyan)  54D82/2/1/1/A-2/1/1/B 
 BNC4  Bradford Otley Road (PM)  80D83/5/2/1C 
 BNC4  Bradford Salem Sunday School (Congregational)  38D90/1 
 BNC4  Bradford Southend Hall (Wesleyan)  47D86/65/2-65/3 
 BNC4  Bradford Westgate (WR)  6D93/9/1 
 BNC5  Allerton Central (Baptist)  86D98/1/1-1/3 
 BNC5  Bingley (UR)  74D95/1/1-1/4 
 BNC5  Bingley Hill Street (WR)  17D92/6/1 
 BNC5  Bingley Mornington Road (Wesleyan)  17D92/7/2/2-7/2/6 
 BNC5  Bowling Mission (Baptist)  86D89/2/1 
 BNC5  Bradford Hallfield (Baptist)  86D89/4/1-4/5 
 BNC5  Bradford Leeds Road (Baptist)  86D89/5/1-5/7 
 BNC5  Bradford Sion Jubilee (Baptist)  86D89/3/1-3/6 
 BNC5  Crossflatts (Wesleyan)  17D92/9/1-9/2 
 BNC5  Cullingworth (Baptist)  86D89/6/1-6/2 
 BNC5  Denholme Southgate (Baptist)  86D89/7/1-7/2 
 BNC5  Girlington (Baptist)  86D89/8/1-8/6 
 BNC5  Keighley Albert Street (Baptist)  86D89/9/1-9/4 
 BNC5  Keighley Worth (Baptist)  86D89/10/1-10/2 
 BNC5  Micklethwaite (WM)  17D92/11/1 
 BNC5  Shipley Bethel (Baptist)  86D89/11/1-11/3 
 BNC6  Cullingworth (Wesleyan)  34D96/3-5 
 BNC6  Denholme (Wesleyan)  34D96/6-8 
 BNC6  East Morton (Wesleyan)  34D96/9-11 
 BNC6  Hainworth (Wesleyan)  34D96/12 
 BNC6  Keighley (PM) Circuit  34D96/16 
 BNC6  Keighley (Wesleyan) Circuit  34D96/17 
 BNC6  Keighley Alice Street (PM)  34D96/18-20 
 BNC6  Keighley Beechcliffe (Wesleyan)  34D96/21 
 BNC6  Keighley Cavendish Street (FMC)  34D96/22 
 BNC6  Keighley Devonshire Park (Wesleyan)  34D96/23-24 
 BNC6  Keighley Fell Lane (Wesleyan)  34D96/25-29 
 BNC6  Keighley Parkwood (UMFC)  34D96/34 
 BNC6  Sandbeds (Methodist)  34D96/49-52 
 BNC7  Bocking, Haworth (Wesleyan)  34D96/1 
 BNC7  Bogthorn, Oakworth (Wesleyan)  34D96/2 
 BNC7  Bridgehouse, Haworth (Wesleyan)  34D96/13-14 
 BNC7  Keighley Hermit Hole (Wesleyan)  34D96/30 
 BNC7  Keighley Lund Park (Wesleyan)  34D96/31-32 
 BNC7  Keighley Oakworth Road (PM)  34D96/33 
 BNC7  Keighley South Street (PM)  34D96/35 
 BNC7  Keighley Sun Street (Wesleyan)  34D96/36 
 BNC7  Keighley Temple Street (Wesleyan)  34D96/37-41 
 BNC7  Keighley Victoria Park (Wesleyan)  34D96/42A-42B 
 BNC7  Keighley West Lane (PM) Circuit  34D96/43 
 BNC7  Laycock (Wesleyan)  34D96/44 
 BNC7  Mill Hey, Haworth (PM)  34D96/15 
 BNC7  Oakworth (Wesleyan)  34D96/45 
 BNC7  Oakworth Lane Ends (PM)  34D96/46-47 
 BNC7  Pickles Hill, Oakworth  34D96/48 
 BNC7  Stanbury (Wesleyan)  34D96/53 
 BNC7  Worth (Wesleyan)  34D96/54-55 
 BNC8  Airedale College Chapel  31D99/1/1-1/3 
 BNC8  Allerton (Congregational)  31D99/2/1-2/7 
 BNC8  Brownroyd Ingleby Road (Congregational)  31D99/3/1-3/4 
 BNC8  Essex Street  31D99/4/1-4/2 
 BNC8  Great Horton Wesley Place, Bakes Street (Congregational)  31D99//5/1-5/3 
 BNC8  Horton Bank Top Speeton Avenue (Congregational)  31D99/7/1-7/3 
 BNC8  Idle Upper Chapel  31D99/9/1-9/5 
 BNC8  Infirmary Street (Presbyterian)  31D99/17/1-17/4 
 BNC8  Keighley Knowle Park (Congregational)  31D99/10/1-10/5 
 BNC8  Keighley Utley (Congregational)  31D99/18/1-18/4 
 BNC8  Laisterdyke, Bradford Moor (Independent)  31D99/12/1 
 BNC8  Lidget Green Church & Sunday School (Congregational)  31D99/11/1-11/6 
 BNC8  Lister Hills Chapel Lister Hills Road  31D991/13/1-13/2 
 BNC8  Little Horton Chapel Thornton Lane (Congregational)  31D99/14/1-14/4 
 BNC8  Little Horton Lane (Congregational)  31D99/8/1-8/5 
 BNC8  Lumb Lane Greenfield  31D99/6/1-6/2 
 BNC8  Manningham, Salem (Congregational)  31D99/15/1-15/9 
 BNC8  West Bowling Ryan Street (Congregational)  31D99/16/1-16/2 
 BNC8  Wibsey Zion (Independent/URC)  31D99/19/1-19/6 
 BNC9  Bradford Horton Lane (Independent)  5D74/1-2 
 BNC9  Bradford Kirkgate (Wesleyan)  57D76/2/E/2A 
 BNC9  Esholt (Wesleyan)  40D76/2/6/1A 
 BNC9  Great Horton (Wesleyan)  57D76/2/D/1A-1B 
 BNC9  Great Horton Bethel (Wesleyan)  57D76/2/C/1 
 BNC9  Harden (Wesleyan Reformers)  40D76/11/1-11/3 
 BNC9  Harecroft & Bingley Zion (PM)  40D76/15/1 
 BNC9  Horton Bank Top (Congregational)  11D76/1-2 
 BNC9  Moorside, Baildon (PM)  40D76/12/1/1A 
 BNC9  Saltaire (Wesleyan)  40D76/2/10/1A 
 BNC9  Shipley Low Lane/Saltaire Road (PM)  40D76/2/11/1A 
 BNC9  Shipley Otley Road Providence (Wesleyan)  40D76/2/12/1A-1B 
 BNC9  Tong Park, Baildon (Wesleyan)  40D76/2/13/1A 
 BNC9  Windhill (PM)  40D76/2/14/1 
 BNC9  Windhill (Wesleyan)  40D76/2/15/1A-1B 
 CR: 1 FICHE  Elland Providence (URC)  MISC966 
 CR: 2 FICHE  Elland (Congregational)  MISC962/1-2 
 CR: 3 FICHE  Todmorden Patmos (Independent)  PAT1 
 CR1  Hebden Bridge Woodend/Foster Lane (Wesleyan)  UC52 
 CR1  Knowlwood and Shade (PM)  UC43-44 
 CR1  Langfield, Oldroyd (Independent)  UC48 
 CR1  Midgley (MNC)  UC111-115 & 139 
 CR1  Mytholmroy Mount Zion (PM)  UC49 
 CR1  Shade, Todmorden (Wesleyan)  UC47 
 CR1  Todmorden York Street (Wesleyan)  UC41 
 CR24  Brighouse Trinity (Methodist)  BRM87/1-2 
 CR24  Crimsworth Dean Peckett Well (Wesleyan)  UC154 & 156 
 CR24  Hove Edge (UMFC)  BRM98 
 CR28  Cornholme Mount Zion Stansfield (Wesleyan)  UC197-201 
 CR28  Halifax Wade Street Sion  MISC1000/8/1-9 
 CR28  Inchfield Bottom Todmorden-Cum-Walsden  UC206-208 
 CR28  Knowlwood Todmorden (PM) Circuit  UC179 
 CR28  Lightcliffe (Congregational/URC)  MISC1000/5/1-7 
 CR28  Luddenden (Free Methodist)  LM14 
 CR28  Lumbutts, Langfield  UC240 
 CR28  Midgley Booth New (Congregational)  MISC1000/4/1 
 CR28  Sowerby Bridge Elim (Pentecostal)  MISC997 
 CR28  Sowerby Bridge Triangle (Wesleyan)  TWE1/1-3/1 
 CR28  Todmorden Patmos (Independent)  MISC1000/1-3/1 
 CR29  Birchcliffe, Hebden  BBC1 
 CR29  Bridge, Wadsworth (Baptist)  BBC1 
 CR29  Heptonstall Slack (Baptist)  HBR6-7/1 
 CR29  Lindwell Elland Cum Greetland (PM)  MISC1024 
 CR29  Luddenden Ebenezer (Wesleyan)  MISC1014/7/1 
 CR29  Rishworth (Baptist)  RB1/1/1 & 1/2 
 CR3  Norwood Green (Congregational/URC)  NG1 
 CR31  Birchcliffe Wadsworth (Baptist)  MISC743/6-11 
 CR31  Birchcliffe Wadsworth (Baptist)  MISC755/11/1 
 CR31  Brearley Sowerby Bethel (Baptist)  MISC743/12 
 CR31  Butts Green Luddenden (Baptist)  MISC57/25 
 CR31  Halifax Pellon (Baptist)  MISC743/21 
 CR31  Lineholme Stansfield (Baptist)  LIN1/1 
 CR31  Lineholme Todmorden Bethel (Baptist)  MISC743/1-4 
 CR31  Lydgate Mount Olivet Todmorden (Baptist)  MISC743/16-17 
 CR31  Millwood, Stansfield (Baptist)  MISC743/22-28 
 CR31  Norland Spark House Lane Bethel (Baptist)  MISC743/5 
 CR31  Ovenden Lee Mount (Baptist)  MISC743/13-15 
 CR31  Shore, Stansfield (Baptist)  MISC743/29-33 
 CR31  Shore, Todmorden (Baptist)  TSB1-3 & 35 
 CR31  Slack, Heptonstall Mount Zion (Baptist)  MISC743/34-40 
 CR31  Stansfield Charlestown Nazebottom (Baptist)  MISC743/18-20 
 CR31  Stansfield Wellington Road (Baptist)  MISC743/41-45 
 CR32  Highroad Well (Congregational)  WHW/A99 
 CR32  Luddenden Dean (Methodist)  WYC1145/38/1 
 CR32  Warley (Congregational)  WHW/B112/1-112/2 
 CR33  Halifax Kings Cross (Wesleyan)  WYC1369/1/2/1-1/2/5/1 
 K1  Berry Brow Salem (NC)  NM/HSC/XVI/1B-1E 
 K1  Clayton West (PM) Circuit  NM/DD/CW/1/1/1 
 K1  Clayton West Parkside (Wesleyan)  NM/DD/CW/6/1/2 
 K1  Cumberworth Lower (PM)  NM/DD/CW/9/1/1 
 K1  Denby Dale Centenary (Wesleyan)  NM/DD/CW/10/2/1 
 K1  Denby Dale Miller Hill (PM)  NM/DD/CW/11/1/3 
 K1  Emley Moor (PM)  NM/DD/CW/14/1/1 
 K1  Huddersfield  NM/HSC/XVIII/1A 
 K1  Penistone (NC)  NM/DD/CW/20/1/1 
 K1  Penistone (Wesleyan)  NM/DD/CE/18/1/2-1/3 
 K1  Skelmanthorpe Central (Wesleyan)  NM/DD/CW/22/1/3-1/4 
 K1  Skelmanthorpe Pilling Lane (PM)  NM/DD/CW/23/1/1-1/4 
 K1  Thurstone (Wesleyan)  NM/DD/CW/26/1/1 
 K10  Batley Carr (Congregational)  KC814/1/1 
 K10  Crosland Moor  KC808/2/4/1-2/2/2 
 K10  Crosland Moor Blackmoorfoot Rd (UMFC)  KC808/2/3/1-2/3/3 
 K10  Crosland Moor Bottom Brierley Wood (Wesleyan)  KC808/2/2/1 
 K10  Emley Bethel (WR)  KC807/1/1 
 K10  Fixby Kew Hill (Wesleyan)  KC808/2/5/1 
 K10  Gledholt (Wesleyan)  KC808/2/6/1 
 K10  Honley Ebenezer (Wesleyan)  KC808/2/7/1 
 K10  Huddersfield Buxton Road (Wesleyan)  KC808/2/8/1-2/8/3 
 K10  Longwood (Wesleyan)  KC808/2/15/1-2/15/3 
 K10  Longwood (Wesleyan)  KC808/2/15/4 
 K10  Park Road (Wesleyan)  2/4/3 
 K11  Marsden (Wesleyan)  KC808/2/16/1 
 K11  Marsden (Wesleyan)  KC808/2/16/2 
 K11  Marsden (Wesleyan)  KC808/2/16/3 
 K11  Marsh (NC)  KC808/2/17/1 
 K11  Milnsbridge  KC808/2/18/1-2/18/2 
 K11  Mount Pleasant (Wesleyan)  KC808/2/19/2 
 K11  Primrose Hill (NC)  KC808/2/22/1 
 K11  Rashcliffe Mission (Wesleyan)  KC808/2/23/1 
 K11  Taylor Hill (PM)  KC808/2/25/1 
 K11  Thornton Lodge (Wesleyan)  KC808/2/26/1-2/26/2 
 K12  Batley Carr (UR)  KC851 
 K12  Berry Brow Deadmanstone (Wesleyan)  NM/HSC/XXIX/1A 
 K12  Golcar Wellhouse (NC)  G/M/W/1-2 
 K12  Hardingley (Wesleyan) Refilmed  KC845/2/1 
 K12  Huddersfield Queen Street (Methodist)  H/M/QS/1-2 
 K13  Batley Providence Hanover Street (Congregational)  KC962/1-4 
 K13  Cleckheaton Westgate (Congregational)  KC963/1-4 
 K13  Cleckheatons Westgate (Congregational)  KC924/1/1-1/2 
 K13  Dewsbury (URC)  KC911/1/1/1-1/1/2 
 K13  Gomersal Grove (Congregational)  KC952/1/1-1/2 
 K13  Hardingley (Wesleyan)  KC845/2/1 
 K13  Heckmondwike George Street (Congregational)  KC964/1-2 
 K13  Huddersfield Great Northern St (Congregational)  KC965/1-4 
 K13  Huddersfield Highfield (Independent)  KC966/1-6 
 K13  Huddersfield Milton (Congregational)  KC967/1-3 
 K13  Paddock (Congregational)  KC968/1-7 
 K13  Ravensthorpe North Road (Congregational)  KC969/1-6 
 K13  Rowley Hill (Wesleyan)  KC901/1/1-1/2 
 K13  Shelley (Independent)  KC970 
 K13  Slaithwaite (Wesleyan)  KC937 
 K14  Cleckheaton Providence Place (Congregational)  KC1007/1/1-1/2 
 K14  Dewsbury Boothroyd (Congregational)  KC911/4/1/1 
 K14  Dewsbury Trinity (Congregational)  KC911/3/1/1-3/1/2 
 K14  Golcar (Baptist)  KC1033/3/1/1-1/2 
 K14  Golcar Wellhouse (MNC)  KC997 
 K14  Healey (URC)  KC989 
 K14  Holmfirth Lane (Congregational)  KC1003/1-3 
 K14  Kirkburton Dogley Lane (Congregational)  KC977/1/1/1 
 K14  Staincliffe (Baptist)  KC1032/6 
 K15  Golcar (Baptist)  KC1033/1/3 
 K15  Golcar (Baptist)  KC1033/8/1/1-8/1/8 
 K16  Golcar (Baptist)  KC1033/8/1/9-8/1/11 
 K16  Golcar (Baptist)  KC1033/8/2/1-8/2/2 
 K16  Pole Moor (Baptist)  KC1034/1/1-1/2 
 K16  Pole Moor (Baptist)  KC1034/1/2/1 
 K16  Pole Moor (Baptist)  KC1034/1/3/1 
 k16  Pole Moor (Baptist)  KC1034/3/1/2 
 K16  Pole Moor (Baptist)  KC1034/7/1/1 
 K17  Pole Moor (Baptist)  KC1034/7/1/2-7/1/6 
 K18  Pole Moor (Baptist)  KC1034/7/1/7-7/1/19 
 K19  Cleckheaton Drub (Congregational)  KC925/2 
 K19  Dewsbury Springfield (Congregational)  KC911/2/1/1-2/1/3 
 K19  Holmfirth Lane (Congregational)  WYK1080/1/1 
 K19  Lindley East Street (Wesleyan)  KC796/1/1/6 
 K19  Pole Moor (Baptist)  KC1034/2/1/1-2/1/3 
 K2  Bistall Mount Top (Wesleyan)  NM/BL 
 K2  Brunnswick Street (UMFC)  5C 
 K2  High Stree (NC)  1B-1C 
 K2  High Stree (NC)  NM/4A & 4C 
 K2  Huddersfield  NM/HWC/5A-5B 
 K2  Longwood (Wesleyan)  NM/L/M/1-8 
 K2  Oakenshaw (Wesleyan)  N/WM/0/1-3 
 K2  Paddock (NC)  NM/UM/P/1/1-1/2 
 K2  Thornton Lodge (Wesleyan)  NM/TL/1/1-1/2 
 K3  Dalton St Paul'S (Wesleyan)  KC295/12-13 
 K3  Deighton (NC)  KC295/39-40 
 K3  Golcar Wellhouse (NC)  KC23/1 
 K3  Hillhouse (UMFC)  KC295/59 
 K3  Honley Woodroyd (NC)  KC216/1-2 
 K3  Houses Hill (Wesleyan)  KC295/58 
 K3  Huddersfield Leeds Road (Wesleyan)  KC295/60 
 K3  Huddersfield Northumberland Street (PM) Circuit  KC295/3 
 K3  Rowley Hill (Wesleyan)  KC448/1/1 
 K3  Sheepridge  KC358/1/1/1-1/1/2 
 K3  Sheepridge Providence (UMFC)  KC295/70-71 
 K3  Slaithwaite Centenary (Wesleyan)  KC294/10/1/1-1/2 
 K3  Slaithwaite Crimble (PM)  KC294/9/1/1/1 
 K3  Thornhill Lees (Im)  KC252/2/1-2/2 
 K3  Thornton Lodge (Wesleyan)  NM/TL/1/3-1/5 
 K3  Wiggan Lane (Wesleyan)  1/2/1 
 K4  Almondbury (UMFC)  KC511 
 K4  Almondbury St John'S (Wesleyan)  KC512/1/1 
 K4  Burnlee Mission (Wesleyan)  KC518/1 
 K4  Cowms (Wesleyan)  KC486/6/1, 6/2 & 6/6  
 K4  Cumberworth Upper (WR)  KC650/1 
 K4  Grange Moor (PM)  KC540 
 K4  Meltham (Wesleyan)  KC613/1/1 
 K4  Netherthong Zion (UMFC)  KC629/15/1 
 K4  Newsome Towngate (NC)  KC657/1/1 
 K4  Primrose Hill (NC)  KC659/1 
 K4  Shelley Far Bank (NC)  KC555 
 K5  Crosland Moor Park Road (Wesleyan)  KC777/1-9 
 K6  Huddersfield (UN)  NU/11 
 K6  Huddersfield (UN)  NU/9 
 K6  Huddersfield (UN)  NU/H/8 
 K6  Huddersfield High Street  NM/HSC/XVIII/4B 
 K6  Huddersfield Ramsden Street (Congregational)  NI/RS/19-20 
 K6  Kirkburton Dogley Lane (Congregational)  KC13/2-3 
 K6  Marsden (Congregational)  NI/MA/1/1-1/3 
 K6  Marsden (Congregational)  NI/MA/1/5/-1/6 
 K6  Paddock (Congregational)  NI/P/1/1 
 K6  Shelley (Independent)  NI/5 
 K6  Shelley (Independent)  NI/S/2 & 4 
 K6  Soothill (Congregational)  KC621/1/2-1/4 
 K7  Holmfirth Lane  NI/L/7  
 K7  Huddersfield Highfield (Independent)  NI/H/1/4 
 K7  Huddersfield Highfield (Independent)  NI/H/1/2-1/3 
 K7  Huddersfield Highfield (Independent)  NI/H/2/2 
 K7  Holmfirth Lane  NI/L/1 
 K7  Honley Moorbottom (Independent)  NI/HM/2-3 
 K7  Huddersfield Great Northern Street (Congregational)  NI/GN/1 
 K7  Huddersfield Highfield  NI/H/1/1 
 K7  Huddersfield Milton (Congregational)  NI/M/1 
 K7  Huddersfield, Great Northern Street (Congregational)  NI/2 
 K8  (Congregational)  2/2 
 K8  Batley Providence  KC384/2/1-2/3 
 K8  Golcar Clough Head (Baptist)  KC514 
 K8  Heckmondwike George Street (Independent)  KC670/1/1/1 
 K8  Heckmondwike Westgate (Congregational)  NC/WH/1-1/C 
 K8  Hillhouse  KC541/1-8 
 K8  Lockwood (Baptist)  NB/L/1-3 
 K8  Lockwood Bentley Street (UMFC)  KC784/1/1-1/2 
 K8  Lockwood Rehoboth (Baptist)  NB/R/19 
 K8  Staincliffe (Baptist)  KC516 
 K9  Lindley East Street (Wesleyan)  KC796/1/1/1 
 K9  Lindley East Street (Wesleyan)  KC796/1/1/12 
 K9  Lindley East Street (Wesleyan)  KC796/1/1/2-1/1/5 
 K9  Lindley East Street (Wesleyan)  KC796/1/1/7-1/1/11 
 K9  Lindley Thorncliffe Street (UMFC)  KC796/2/1-2/2/2 
 K9  Lindley Zion (NC)  KC796/3/1/1-1/4 
 K9  Lindley Zion (NC)  KC796/3/1/5-3/1/6 
 LNC1  YEADON (W) CIRCUIT  WYL1084/1/31 
 LNC3  MORLEY ST MARY'S Congregational Mission  WYL749/72 
 LNC4  LEEDS IV (PM) CIRCUIT  WYL880/3/7-3/9 
 LNC4  FAR BEESTON (PM)  WYL880/9/1 
 LNC4  BEESTON Wesley street (PM)  WYL880/10/48 
 LNC4  BEESTON HILL (W)  WYL880/12/16-12/18 
 LNC4  LEEDS DEWSBURY ROAD (W)  WYL880/14/5-14/7 
 LNC4  LEEDS Grove Hall (UM)  WYL880/16/3 
 LNC4  HOLBECK Isle Lane (W)  WYL880/17/2 
 LNC4  Holbeck MEADOW ROAD (UMFC)  WYL18/7 
 LNC4  NEW WORTLEY Holdforth Street(PM)  WYL880/19/6-19/8 
 LNC4  HUNSLET Wilson Street Bethel (W)  WYL880/21/2-21/4 
 LNC4  HUNSLET   WYL880/22/1 
 LNC5  HUNSLET LOW ROAD Jericho Street Bethel(MNC)  WYL880/23/1 
 LNC5  HUNSLET BOWER Road Mission (MNC)  WYL880/24/3 
 LNC5  HUNSLET MOOR END Mission (W)  WYL880/25/23 
 LNC5  HUNSLET JOSEPH Street Zion (PM)  WYL880/26/1-26/2 
 LNC5  HUNSLET LADY PIT Lane Beeston Hill(P)  WYL880/27/3 
 LNC5  HUNSLET LaDY PIT Lane Beeston Hill(W)  WYL880/28 
 LNC5  MIDDLETON (W)  WYL880/29/6 & 29/18 
 LNC5  MIDDLETON (W)  WYL880/29/19-21 
 LNC5  MIDDLETON Sissons Avenue (Methodist) Mission  WYL880/30/3 
 LNC5  HOLBECK Mint (W)  WYL880/31/8-10 
 LNC5  HOLBECK Mint (W)  WYL31/11 
 LNC5  LEEDS Prince's Field (PM)  WYL880/33/1 
 LNC5  HOLBECK Meadown Road Tabernacle(UMFC)  WYL880/34/1-34/2 
 LNC5  Holbeck Meadown Road Tabernacle(UMFC)  WYL34/3 
 LNC6  DEWSBURY ROAD Central Mission (MNC)  WYL36/5 
 LNC6  HUNSLET  WYL880/37/8 
 LNC6  STOURTON Mayflower Street (PM)  WYL880/38/3-4 
 LNC6  STOURTON Wakefield road (W)  WYL880/39/2-39/3 
 LNC6  HUNSLET CARR, Moor Road (MNC)  WYL880/40/1-40/6 
 LNC6  BEESTON PARK Side (W)  WYL880/42/2 
 LNC6  HUNSLET TELFORD Terrace  WYL880/48/1 
 LNC6  WORTLEY GREENSIDE/Highfield (UMFC)  WYL701/137-139 
 LNC6  ARMLEY TONG ROAD Mount Pisgah (UMFC)  WYL701/153-155 
 LNC6  ARMLEY Branch road (PM)  WYL701/320 
 LNC6  ARMLEY HALL ROAD Providence Place (UMFC)  WYL701/322-323 
 LNC7  BEESTON Far Royds (PM)  WYL701/329 
 LNC7  UPPER WORTLEY Silver Royd Hill (PM)  WYL701/344-346 
 LNC7  ARMLEY SOUTHFIELD Wesley Road (PM)  WYL701/349 
 LNC7  UPPER ARMLEY Whingate (M)  WYL701/354-355 
 LNC7  ARMLEY Branch road (PM)  WYL701/384 
 LNC7  ARMLEY HALL ROAD Providence Place (UMFC)  WYL701/387 
 LNC7  ARMLEY MISTRESS Lane Mission Hall(M)  WYL701/405 
 LNC7  FARNLEY HILL (W)  WYL701/408 
 LNC7  FARNLEY NEW Blackppok (W)  WYL701/418 
 LNC7  ARMLEY SOUTHFIELD Wesley Road (PM)  WYL701/423 
 LNC7  NEW FARNLEY Moorside (Meth)  WYL701/467 
 LNC7  BURLEY WOODHEAD (Methodist)  WYL1165/8/12 
 LNC7  MENSTON  WYL1165/14/17-14/18 
 LNC7  LEEDS Albion Street(W)  WYL95/18 
 LNC7  LEEDS  WYL95/25 
 LNC8  LEEDS  WYL95/51-52 
 LNC8  MEADOW LANE (W)  WYL2/97-99 
 LNC8  LEEDS Oxford Place(W)  WYL95/2/1 
 LNC8  LEEDS Hannover Square(W)  WYL95/2/7-2/9 
 LNC8  NEW WORTLEY Central Hall (W)  WYL95/21-2/22 & 2/34 
 LNC8  LEEDS Ellerby Road Bethel (W)  WYL95/2/37 
 LNC8  LEEDS School Street Mission (W)  WYL95/2/38 
 LNC8  HOLBECK Sweet Street (W)  WYL95/2/44 
 LNC8  LEEDS PROSPECT CHAPEL Domestic Street (UMFC)  WYL95/2/72 & 2/74 
 LNC8  LEEDS BETH CARR Maternity Home  WYL95/2/180 
 LNC8  LEEDS BRUNSWICK (W)  WYL95/3/1-3/2 
 LNC9  LEEDS BRUNSWICK (W)  WYL95/3/4-3/16 
 LNC9  LEEDS Oxford Place(W)  WYL95/3/17-34  
 LNC11  STANNINGLEY Sunfield Cent (W)  WYL518/20/1-20/2 
 LNC13  MORLEY ST MARY In the Wood  WYL749/1-3 
 LNC13  LEEDS Whitehall Chapel  WYL861/130-131 
 LNC13  LEEDS WORTLEY Bethel  WYL777/146 
 LNC14  LEEDS St Columba (Eng Press)  WYL1529/10/1-10/2 
 LNC14  LEEDS MILL HILL Chapel  WYL1386/1/1 
 LNC15  ARMLEY ZION Hall Road  WYL859/1/1/1-1/1/4 
 LNC15  BRAMLEY Salem Tabernacle  WYL1509/1/1-1/4 
 LNC15  LEEDS BEESTON HILL  WYL1509/2/1-2/2 
 LNC15  LEEDS BURLEY ROAD  WYL1509/3/1-3/2 
 LNC15  LEEDS EBOR GARDENS Estate York Road  WYL1509/5/1-5/8 
 LNC15  MORLEY BAPTIST Tabernacle  WYL1509/6/1-6/4 
 LNC16  Leeds Beeston Hill  WYL1/3/4-1/3/10 
 LNC16  LEEDS, Nether Green Woodhouse Street  WYL918/52/1-52/2 
 LNC16  LEEDS Roundhay St Andrew (URC)  WYL1025/1 
 LNC16  LEEDS SALEM  WYL861/13, 129-130 
 LNC16  LEEDS TRINITY St David (URC)  WYL861/132/1-132/8 
 LNC16  LEEDS WEST PARK formerly Queen Street (URC)  WYL1711/1-3/2 
 LNC16  LEEDS NORTH HALL Mission  WYL1711/121 
 LNC16  LEEDS Harehills road  WYL777/394 
 LNC17  ARMLEY Branch Road (PM)  WYL269/1/1-1/6 
 LNC17  ARMLEY HALL ROAD Providence (UMFC)  WYL269/2/1-2/4 
 LNC17  ARMLEY THEAKER LANE Bethesda(MNC)  WYL269/4/1-4/2 
 LNC17  ARMLEY SOUTHFIELD Wesley Road (PM)  WYL269/3/2-3/5 
 LNC17  BEESTON Barkly Road Grove Hall (UMFC)  WYL269/5/1 
 LNC17  BEESTON Far Royds (PM)  WYL269/6/1 
 LNC17  BEESTON HILL Lady Pit Street  WYL269/7/1-7/6 
 LNC17  BRAMLEY MORIAH The Crescent Town Street (PM)  WYL269/8/1-8/3 
 LNC17  BRAMLEY TOWN Street, Wesley Place (UMFC)  WYL269/9/1 
 LNC17  BURLEY Cardigan Road (PM)  WYL269/10/1-10/6 
 LNC17  CALVERLEY TRINITY  WYL269/11/1-11/3 
 LNC17  FARNLEY New Blackpool (W)  WYL269/12/1 
 LNC17  GARFORTH Wakefield Road (PM)  WYL269/13/1 
 LNC17  HEADINGLEY Victoria Road (UMFC)  WYL269/14/1-14/2 
 LNC17  HOLBECK Domestic Street Prospect Chapel(UMFC)  WYL269/15/1-15/4 
 LNC17  HOLBECK Isle Lane  WYL269/16/1-16/5 
 LNC17  HOLBECK MEADOW ROAD Tabernacle (UMFC)  WYL269/18/1 
 LNC17  ARMLEY WESLEY ROAD Central (W)  WYL859/3/1/1-3/1/9 
 LNC17  HALTON, WHITKIRK Templenewsham (W)  WYL859/3/2/1-3/2/7 
 LNC18  HOLBECK Meadow Road Bethel  WYL269/17/1-17/2 
 LNC18  HOLBECK The Mint (W)  WYL269/19/1-19/4 
 LNC18  HORSFORTH Woodside Providence (UMFC)  WYL269/20/1-20/3 
 LNC18  HUNSLET Joseph Street Zion (PM)  WYL269/22/1-22/6 
 LNC18  HUNSLET Lady Pit Lane Beeston Hill (W)  WYL269/23/1 
 LNC18  HUNSLET LADY Lady Pit Lane Beeston Hill (PM)  WYL269/24/1-24/3 
 LNC18  HUNSLET PARK Cross Flatts Park (W)  WYL269/21/1 
 LNC18  HUNSLET Waterloo Road Clothier St Cent (W)  WYL269/25/1-25/6 
 LNC18  HUNSLET Wilson Street Bethel (UMFC)  WYL269/26/1 
 LNC18  HUNSLET CARR Moor Road (MNC)  WYL269/27/1-27/5 
 LNC18  KIRKSTALL Commercial Road (W)  MR269/28/1-28/4 
 LNC18  KIRSTALL Victoria Road Zion(UMFC)  WYL269/29/1-29/5 
 LNC18  LEEDS BECKETT Street Ebenezer (UMFC)  WYL269/30/1-30/2 
 LNC18  LEEDS BECKETT Street St Peter  WYL269/31/1-31/4 
 LNC18  LEEDS Clarks Lane Zion (UMFC)  WYL269/32/1-32/3 
 LNC18  LEEDS EAST STREET(UMFC)  WYL269/34/1-34/3 
 LNC18  LEEDS Dewsbury road (W)  WYL269/33/1-33/8 
 LNC19  LEEDS ELDON Woodhouse Lane (W)  WYL269/35/1-35/3 
 LNC19  LEEDS Hannover Square/Hannover Place(W)  WYL269/36/1-36/4 
 LNC19  LEEDS Harehills Avenue (PM)  WYL269/37/1-37/5 
 LNC19  LEEDS LADY LANE (UMFC)  WYL269/38/1-38/4 
 LNC19  LEEDS, LITTLE LONDON Alfred Cross St (W)  WYL269/39/1 
 LNC19  LEEDS CAMBRIDGE Meanwood Road  WYL269/40/1 
 LNC19  LEEDS MEYNELL Street (W)  WYL269/42/1 
 LNC19  LEEDS PARK LANE Rehoboth Centenary Mission(PM)  WYL269/43/1-43/2 
 LNC19  LEEDS Proctor's Place Meanwood road(UMFC)  WYL269/41/1 
 LNC19  LEEDS Quarry HILL Ebenezer   WYL269/44/1-44/3 
 LNC19  LEEDS Richmond Hill (W)  WYL269/45/1-45/7 
 LNC19  LEEDS Roundhay Road (UMFC)  WYL269/46/1-46/3 
 LNC19  LEEDS Temple View Road (PM)  WYL269/47/1 
 LNC19  LEEDS Ventnor Road (MNC)  WYL269/48/1-48/4 
 LNC19  LEEDS Woodhouse Carr Stock Street (W)  WYL269/49/1-49/3 
 LNC19  LEEDS Woodhouse Lane (MNC)  WYL269/50/1 
 LNC19  LEEDS Woodhosue Moor Hyde park (W)  WYL269/51/1-51/8 
 LNC19  LEEDS HAREHILLS LANE  WYL859/3/4/1-3/4/5 
 LNC19  LEEDS LINCOLN FIELDS (W)  WYL859/3/5/1-3/5/5 
 LNC19  LEEDS ROUNDHAY ROAD Trinity(W)  WYL859/3/6/1-3/3/11 
 LNC20  LOWER WORTLEY Bull Ring (PM)  WYL269/52/1-52/3 
 LNC20  MORLEY BANKS Hill(W)  WYL269/53/1-53/4 
 LNC20  MORLEY BRUNTCLIFFE Elland Road (PM)  WYL269/54/1-54/2 
 LNC20  NEW WORTLEY Holdford street (PM)  WYL269/55/1-55/4 
 LNC20  NEW WORTLEY Central Hall Skilbeck St (W)  WYL269/56/1-56/6 
 LNC20  NEW WORTLEY Whitehall Road (UMFC)  WYL269/57/1-57/2 
 LNC20  OSMONDTHORPE Rockwood Road (Methodist)  WYL269/58/1-58/2 
 LNC20  OULTON (W)  WYL269/59/1 
 LNC20  PUDSEY Church Lane (W)  WYL269/60/1-60/7 
 LNC20  PUDSEY LITTLEMOOR Valley road (W)  WYL269/62/1-62/3 
 LNC20  PUDSEY Houghside Bethel (UMFC)  WYL269/61/1-61/3 
 LNC20  RODLEY Ebenezer (UMFC)  WYL269/63/1-63/3 
 LNC20  STANNINGLEY Sunfield Cent (W)  WYL269/64/1-64/5 
 LNC20  STANNINGLEY Ebenezer Richard Shaw Lane(PM)  WYL269/65/1-65/4 
 LNC20  STANNINGLEY Eleven Lane Ends (PM)  WYL269/66/1-66/2 
 LNC20  STOURTON Wakefield Road(W)  WYL269/67/1-67/3 
 LNC20  UPPER WORTLEY Silver Royd Hill Ting Road  WYL269/68/1-68/7 
 LNC20  WEST HUNSLET Central Mission Dewsburry Road  WYL269/70/1-70/4 
 LNC20  MICKLEFIELDS (W)  WYL859/3/7/1-3/7/4 
 LNC20  WORTLEY Greenside (W)  WYL269/69/1-69/2 
 LNC20  MORLEY CROSS HALL Fletcher Memorial (W)  WYL859/3/8/1-3/8/5 
 LNC20  NEW FARNLEY Low Moorside Lane  WYL859/3/9/1-3/9/2 
 LNC20  PUDSEY TRINITY Lowtown (UMFC)  WYL859/3/11/1-3/11/9 
 LNC21  STANNINGLEY OLIVET (UMFC)  WYL859/3/12/1-3/12/5 
 LNC21  UPPER ARMLEY Whingate (W)  WYL859/3/13/1-3/13/8 
 LNC21  WEST ARDSLEY Rehoboth  WYL859/3/14/1-3/14/2 
 LNC22  WIGTON MOOR (URC)  WYL859/1/5/1 
 LNC22  PUDSEY MOUNT ZION(MNC)  WYL859/3/10/1-3/10/2 
 LNC22  ARMLEY NEW WORTLEY Oak Road(Cong)  WYL777/455-458 
 LNC22  ARMLEY HALL LANE(Cong)  WYL777/459-461 
 LNC22  HOLBECK Marshall street(Independent)  WYL1485/2/1-2/3 
 LNC22  KIRKSTALL Commercial road(Congregational)  WYL1485/3/1-3/3 
 LNC22  BURMANTOFTS(Congregational)  WYL1485/4/1-4/5 
 LNC22  LEEDS CROSS Belgrave Street (Congregational)  WYL1485/5/1-5/5 
 LNC22  LEEDS Harehills road (Congregational)  WYL1485/6/1-6/6 
 LNC22  LEEDS Newton Park Union (Congregational)  WYL1485/7/1-7/4 
 LNC22  LEEDS Queen Street (Congregational)  WYL1485/8/1-8/5 
 LNC22  LEEDS Sheepscar Street (Congregational)  WYL1485/9/1 
 LNC22  LEEDS Woodsley Road(Congregational)  WYL1485/11/1-11/4 
 LNC22  MORLEY REHOBOTH (Congregational)  WYL1485/12/1-12/2 
 LNC22  LEEDS Upper Wortley Bethel (Congregational)  WYL1485/13/1-13/3 
 LNC22  BRAMLEY BRUNSWICK (W)  WYL1225/23/12-23/16 
 LNC22  BRAMLEY TOWN STREET Wesley Place (UMFC)  WYL1225/33/1-33/2 
 LNC23  HUNSLET (W)  WYL880/6/10 
 LNC23  LEEDS Prospect Chapel Domestic Steet (UMFC)  WYL95/2/72-2/74 
 LNC23  ABERFORD (W)  WYL1019/298 
 LNC23  TADCASTER (W)Circuit  WYL1019/295 
 LNC23  STANNINGLEY (Baptist)  WYL1965/1/1-1/2 
 LNC23  LEEDS SALEM  WYL1971/1/1-1/3 
 LNC23  LEEDS SALEM (Congregational)  WYL1971/233/1-233/3 
 LNC23  Leeds Salem (Congregational)  WYL234/1-234/2 
 LNC23  STAINBECK Meanwood (URC)  WYL1972/1/1 
 LNC24  BELLE ISLE (URC)  WYL859/1/6/1 
 LNC24  FARSLEY (BAPTIST)  WYL859/1/7/1-1/7/5 
 LNC24  HUNSLET TRINITY(Methodist)  WYL859/3/3/1-3/3/7 
 LNC24  BEESTON HILL Cemetery Road(Evangelical)  WYL859/5/3/1 
 LNC24  BRAMLEY Stanningley road Ebenezer  WYL859/3/16/1 
 LNC24  BRAMLEY TOWN STREET (Trinity Methodist)  WYL1225/24/20-24/27 
 LNC24  BRAMLEY MORIAH (PM)  WYL1225/32/1 
 LNC24  STANNINGLEY (Congregational)  WYL2054/1/1-1/2 
 LNC24  FARSLEY REHOBOTH (Baptist)  WYL2109/1/1-1/2 
 WC1  Airedale (Wesleyan)  C11/52-58A 
 WC1  CASTLEFORD, Bradley Street (PM)  C11/69 
 WC1  CASTLEFORD, Carlton Street(W)  C11/87-90 
 WC10  Ilkley Leeds Road  C111/449 
 WC10  Keighley Alice Street  C111/450-455 
 WC10  Keighley Cavendish Street (UMFC)  C111/456-461 
 WC10  Keighley Devonshire Park (Wesleyan)  C111/462-466 
 WC10  Keighley Lund Park (Wesleyan)  C111/467-473 
 WC10  Keighley Parkwoood Street  C111/476-477 
 WC10  Keighley West Lane (PM)  C111/478-480 
 WC10  Kippax Leeds Road (PM)  C111/481-482 
 WC10  Laisterdyke Maltby Street (Zion) (PM)  C111/486-489 
 WC10  Laisterdyke Providence (UMFC)  C111/483-485 
 WC10  Lindley (Zion) (UM)  C111/490-495 
 WC10  Lindley Thorncliffe Street (UM)  C111/496-498 
 WC10  Linthwaite Chapel Street  C111/499-500 
 WC11  Slaithwaite (Wesleyan)  C111/501-503 
 WC11  Liversedge Crosland Moor (UMFC)  C111/506-509 
 WC11  Liversedge, Hightown  C111/504 
 WC11  Liversedge, Littletown (Highfield Methodist)  C111/505 
 WC11  Lockwood Mount Street (Mount Pleasant Chapel)  C111/510-516 
 WC11  Low Moor School Street (PM)  C111/517-518 
 WC11  Low Moor Wesley Place (Wesleyan)  C111/519-523 
 WC11  Luddenden (Ebenezer) (Wesleyan)  C111/524-525 
 WC11  Luddenden Foot Burnley Road (UM)  C111/526-527 
 WC11  Manningham, Bradford Daisy Hill (PM)  C111/528-531 
 WC11  Manningham, Bradford View Road (St John's) (Wesleyan)  C111/532-542 
 WC11  Marsden Brougham Road (Wesleyan)  C111/543-547 
 WC11  Marsh, Huddersfield New Hey Road  C111/548 
 WC11  Mickletown , Methley (PM)  C111/549 
 WC11  Middlestown, Shitlington (Wesleyan) (Thornhill Road Methodist)  C111/550 
 WC11  Millbank, Sowerby  C111/551-553 
 WC11  Millbridge, Liversedge Huddersfield Road (Wesleyan)  C111/554-559 
 WC11  Milnsbridge (Wesleyan)  C111/560-565 
 WC11  Mirfield, Knowle (Wesleyan)  C111/566-568 
 WC11  Moldgreen, Dalton Chapel Street (UM)  C111/569-571 
 WC11  Morley Commercial Street (UM)  C111/572-575 
 WC12  Morley Fountain Street (Ebenezer) (PM)  C111/576-579 
 WC12  Mytholmroyd (Mount Zion) (PM)  C111/580-583 
 WC12  New Fryston Wheldon Road  C111/584 
 WC12  Newmillerdam  C111/585 
 WC12  Norland (Mount Zion) (PM)  C111/586-587 
 WC12  Normanton Castleford Road  C111/588 
 WC12  Normanton Pontefract Road (Providence)  C111/589 
 WC12  Normanton Wakefield Road (Wesleyan)  C111/590-593 
 WC12  Northorpe, Mirfield  C111/594-595 
 WC12  Northowram (Wesleyan)  C111/596 
 WC12  Oakworth, Keighley Lane Ends (PM)  C111/597-598 
 WC12  Ossett Common South Parade (PM) (Trinity Methodist)  C111/616-618 
 WC12  Ossett Dale Street (UM)  C111/599-602 
 WC12  Ossett Green (Mount Zion) (Later Queen Street) (PM)  C111/603-607 
 WC12  Ossett Wesley Street (Wesleyan)  C111/608-615 
 WC12  Otley Station Road (PM)  C111/619-623 
 WC12  Outlane, Stainland New Hey Road (UM) (Bethel (MNC)  C111/624-626 
 WC12  Outwood Bolus Lane (PM)  C111/627-630 
 WC12  Ovenden, Halifax Nursery Lane (Wesleyan)  C111/631-635 
 WC12  Oxenhope, Sawood (Wesleyan)  C111/636-637 
 WC12  Paddock, Huddersfield Church Street, Trinity (UM)  C111/638-640 
 WC12  Purlwell (Wesleyan)  C111/643-647 
 WC12  Purston Jaglin (Wesleyan)  C111/648-651 
 WC12  Pye Nest, Halifax (PM)  C111/652-654 
 WC12  Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury (PM)  C111/655-659 
 WC12  Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury (UM)  C111/660-661 
 WC12  Rawdon Harrogate Road  C111/662 
 WC12  Rawdon Leeds Road (Wesleyan) (Greenhill Methodist)  C111/663-667 
 WC12  Rothwell Marsh Street (Ebenzer)(PM)  C111/668-672 
 WC13  Salterhebble, Halifax (UM)  C111/673-674 
 WC13  Savile Town, Thornhill (Wesleyan)  C111/675-679 
 WC13  Sheepridge, Huddersfield (Providence) (UM)  C111/680-682 
 WC13  Shepley Schoolhouse Lane (MNC)  C111/683-684 
 WC13  Shipley (Wesleyan)  C111/685 
 WC13  Shipley Otley Road (Providence) (Wesleyan)  C111/686-689 
 WC13  Shipley Saltaire Road (PM)  C111/690-694 
 WC13  Silsden (Bethesda) (UM)  C111/695-696 
 WC13  Silsden Wesley Place (UM)  C111/697-699 
 WC13  Skircoat Green, Halifax  C111/700-701 
 WC13  Skircoat Green, Lower Halifax  C111/702 
 WC13  South Kirkby Stockingate (Mission Hall) (Wesleyan)  C111/703-706 
 WC13  Southowram Church Lane  C111/707 
 WC13  Sowerby (Providence) (UM)  C111/708-709 
 WC13  Sowerby Bridge Foundry Street (Wesleyan)  C111/710-712 
 WC13  Sowerby Bridge New Road (PM)  C111/713-715 
 WC13  Staincliffe (Wesleyan)  C111/716-718 
 WC13  Stainland (Wesleyan)  C111/719-722 
 WC13  Stanley Lane End (PM)  C111/723-724 
 WC13  Steeton Keighley Road  C111/725-727 
 WC13  Thornhill Edge (PM)  C111/728-729 
 WC13  Thornton (Bethesda) (Wesleyan)  C111/730-733 
 WC13  Todmorden Bottoms (PM)  C111/734 
 WC13  Todmorden Castle Street (PM)  C111/735 
 WC13  Todmorden Lanebottom (Wesleyan)  C111/736-737 
 WC13  Todmorden Millwood King Street (Castle Grove) (UMFC)  C111/738-742 
 WC13  Todmorden Springside (Wesleyan)  C111/743-745 
 WC13  Todmorden York Street (Wesleyan)  C111/746-751 
 WC13  Tong Westgate Hill (Wesleyan)  C111/752-756 
 WC13  Tyersal, Bradford Bury Street  C111/757 
 WC13  Wakefield  C111/758-759 
 WC14  Market Street (PM)  760-763 
 WC14  Wakefield Belle Vue Doncaster Road (PM)  C111/786-791 
 WC14  Wakefield Belle Vue Oxford Street (Wesleyan)  C111/792-793 
 WC14  Wakefield Newton Hill (Rehoboth)  C111/764-767 
 WC14  Wakefield West Parade (Wesleyan)  C111/768-785 
 WC14  Warley Clough, Sowerby Bridge (PM)  C111/794-797 
 WC14  Wetherby North Street (PM)  C111/798 
 WC14  Wheatley, Halifax (Wesleyan)  C111/799-800 
 WC14  Whitley Lower (Wesleyan)  C111/801 
 WC14  Whitwood (Wesleyan)  C111/802 
 WC14  Whitwood Mere Pottery Street & Leeds Road (UM)  C111/803-806 
 WC14  Windhill, Shipley (Wesleyan)  C111/807-812 
 WC14  Worth, Keighley Thwaites Lane  C111/813 
 WC14  Wyke New Road Side (Wesleyan)  C111/814 
 WC14  Yeadon Chapel Hill (Wesleyan)  C111/815-818 
 WC15  Armley Tong Road (Mount Pisgah) (UM)  C111/828-831 
 WC15  Batley Cross Bank  C364/1-8 
 WC15  Batley Talbot Street (Trinity) (PM)  C232/1-2 
 WC15  Bolton Brow Sowerby Bridge (Wesleyan)  C232/3-11 
 WC15  Bradford Little Horton Lane (Annesley) (Wesleyan)  C111/832-836 
 WC15  Castleford Half Acres Temple Street  C364/9 
 WC15  Crigglestone Cliff (Mount Zion) (PM)  C232/12-15 
 WC15  Eastmoor Stanley Road (Wesleyan)  C364/10-13 
 WC15  Eccleshill Greengates Springfield  C364/14-15 
 WC15  Emley, Emley Moor (PM)  C364/16-17 
 WC15  Heckmondwike Westgate(UM)  C232/16-19 
 WC15  Honley Woodroyd Bethel  C364/18 
 WC15  Huddersfield Primrose Hill (UM)  C232/20-22 
 WC15  Laycock Wesleyan Day School Log Book  C111/827 
 WC15  Liversedge, Spen Valley St John'S  C364/19-21 
 WC15  Luddenden Dean Methodist School (Wesleyan)  C232/23-25 
 WC15  Mankinholes Todmorden (Wesleyan)  C232/26-32 
 WC15  Newsome Towngate  C232/33 
 WC15  North Bierley, Wibsey (WR)  C364/22-25 
 WC15  Ovenden (Bethel)  C364/26-27 
 WC15  Rawdon Low Mill (Wesleyan)  C232/34 
 WC15  Sharlston, Sharlston Common  C364/28-29 
 WC15  Shelf Witchfield (Wesleyan)  C232/35-39 
 WC15  Sowerby Boulder Clough  C232/42 
 WC15  Sowerby Rooley Lane (Wesleyan)  C232/40-41 
 WC15  Soyland Ebenezer  C232/43 
 WC15  Stainland, Sowood Green  C364/30 
 WC15  Thurstonland  C232/44 
 WC15  Wakefield Grove Road (MNC)  C111/837-838 
 WC15  Yeadon Queen Street (St Mark'S) (UMFC)  C111/819-826 
 WC16  Altofts Lock Lane  C566/3 
 WC16  Alverthorpe  C761/7 
 WC16  Batley Talbot Street  C761/17 
 WC16  Castleford Beanacre Street (Salem)  C761/1 
 WC16  Cleckheaton Providence Place (Congregational)  C761/4 
 WC16  Dewsbury Moor End Lane (Zion)  C761/6 
 WC16  Durkar, Crigglestone  C761/10 
 WC16  Emley Bethel (WR)  C761/3 
 WC16  Flockton Hill Top  C761/11-12 
 WC16  Golcar Wellhouse  C761/13-16 
 WC16  Huddersfield, Lockwood Bentley Street  C761/5 
 WC16  Huddersfield, Sheepridge Wiggan Lane  C761/9 
 WC16  Kirkburton Dean Chapel  C566/4-7 
 WC16  Lower Altofts Mission  C566/1-2 
 WC16  Netherthong (Zion) Outlane  C566/8 
 WC16  Northfield South Kirby  C703/1-3 
 WC16  Ossett Dewsbury Road  C566/9 
 WC16  Scammonden Pole Moor (Baptist)  C761/8 
 WC16  Stanley Ferry Lane (Wesleyan)  C761/2 
 WC16  Yeadon New Scarborough Park View (Wesleyan)  C364/31-34 
 WC17  Briestfield  C761/18 
 WC17  Kinsley The Ascension Parish Church  C761/19 
 WC17  Ravensthorpe  C761/21 
 WC17  Stainland (URC)  C761/20 
 WC18  Ackworth Hillside (PM)  C6/6/1 
 WC18  Brotherton (PM)  C6/9/1 
 WC18  Cridling Stubbs (Wesleyan)  C6/10/1 
 WC18  Ferrybridge Doncaster Road (PM)  C6/17/1 
 WC18  Kinsley (PM)  C6/20/1 
 WC18  Knottingley Ropewalk (Wesleyan)  C6/22/1B 
 WC18  North Featherstone Lane (PM)  C6/16/1-16/2 
 WC18  Pontefract Micklegate Circuit (PM)  C6/3/3 
 WC18  South Elmsall Barnsley Road (PM)  C6/12/1-12/3 
 WC18  South Elmsall Trinity (Wesleyan)  C6/13/2-13/3 
 WC18  South Featherstone Wakefield Road (PM)  C6/14/1-14/2 
 WC18  South Featherstone Wilson Street (UMFC)  C6/15/2-15/3 
 WC18  South Kirkby Mill Lane Mission (Wesleyan)  C6/21/1-21/4 
 WC18 & 28  Pontefract Micklegate (P) Circuit  C6/3/1-3/3 
 WC19  Crow Edge (Wesleyan)  C73/6/1 
 WC19  Farnley Tyas (Wesleyan)  C73/7/1 
 WC19  Hade Edge (Wesleyan)  C73/8/1-8/2 
 WC19  Hepworth/Jackson Bridge(Wesleyan)  C73/9/1-9/5, 9/7 
 WC19  Lower Altofts Lock Lane (PM)  C26/3/1/1/-3/2/2 
 WC19  Hopetown (UMFC)  C26/5/1/1-5/1/3 
 WC19  Normanton Beckbridge (PM)  C26/6/1/1 
 WC19  Pontefract Halfpenny Lane Mission (PM)  C6/25/1 
 WC19  Pontefract Micklegate (PM)  C6/27/1-27/2 
 WC19  Pontefract Newgate Mission (Wesleyan)  C6/28/1 
 WC19  Pontefract Tanshelf Mission/Newgate (PM)  C6/29/1-29/2 
 WC19  Purston (Wesleyan)  C6/30/1 
 WC19  Streethouse (PM)  C26/12/1/1 
 WC1O  Keighley Oakworth Road (Mission Hall) (Methodist)  C111/474-475 
 WC2  Castleford Pontefract Road (PM)  C11/134 
 WC2  Castleford Smawthorne Lane (UMFC)  C11/160-162 
 WC2  Castleford Temple Street (UMFC)  C11/169-170 
 WC2  Cutsyke (Wesleyan)  C11/172A-172B 
 WC2  Glasshoughton (PM)  C11/188-190 
 WC2  CASTLEFORD, Powell Street(UMFC)  C11/146C-146E 
 WC2  FRYSTON (W)  C11/176 
 WC2  GLASSHOUGHTON, Front Street(W)  C11/184 
 WC2  KIPPAX (W)  C11/195 
 WC20  Hinchliffe Mill (Wesleyan)  C73/10/1-10/4 
 WC20  Holmfirth (Wesleyan)  C73/11/1-11/4 
 WC20  Holmfirth Zion (UM)  C73/12/1-12/2 
 WC20  Honley (Wesleyan)  C73/13/1 
 WC20  Honley Southgate (PM)  C73/14/1-14/2 
 WC20  Mount Tabor/Jackson Bridge (UM)  C73/16/1-16/2 
 WC20  Netherthong (Wesleyan)  C73/17/1-17/5 
 WC20  Scholes (PM)  C73/18/1 
 WC20  Shepley (UM)  C73/20/1 
 WC20  Thurstonland (Wesleyan)  C73/21/1-21/2 
 WC21  Batley Carr Mackenzie (Wesleyan)  C7/7/1/1 
 WC21  Batley Carr Upper Road (PM)  C7/6/1/1 
 WC21  Dewsbury Centenary  C7/10/1/1-10/1/5 
 WC21  Dewsbury Eastborough (Wesleyan)  C7/12/1/1 
 WC21  Dewsbury Granville Street (Wesleyan)  C7/13/1/1 
 WC21  Dewsbury Moorlands (Wesleyan)  C7/15/1/1-15/1/2 
 WC21  Dewsbury Salem (MNC)  C7/17/1/1 
 WC21  Dewsbury Zion  C7/19/1/1-19/1/2 
 WC21  Earlsheaton (Wesleyan)  C7/20/1/1-20/1/2 
 WC21  Gawthorpe Bethesda (MNC)  C7/21/1/1-21/1/3 
 WC21  Hanging Heaton Commonside (Wesleyan)  C7/9/1/1 
 WC21  Mirfield Knowle (Wesleyan)  C7/25/1/-25/1/2 
 WC22  Chickenley (Wesleyan)  C8/9/1/1/1-9/1/1/2 
 WC22  Horbury St Paul and Highfield (Wesleyan)  C8/12/1/1/1-12/1/1/2 
 WC22  Mirfield New Scarborough (Methodist)  C7/26/1/1 
 WC22  Mirfield Knowle (Wesleyan)  C7/25/1/3-25/1/4 
 WC22  Mirfield Northorpe (Wesleyan)  C7/27/1/1 
 WC22  Mirfield Old Bank (UMFC)  C7/28/1/1 
 WC22  Mirfield Trinity (MNC)  C7/29/1/1-29/1/2 
 WC22  Ravensthorpe East (MNC)  C7/30/1/1-30/1/2 
 WC22  Ravensthorpe North Road (Wesleyan)  C7/31/1/1/1 
 WC22  Ravensthorpe North Road (Wesleyan)  C7/31/1/1/2/1 
 WC22  Savile Town (Wesleyan)  C7/33/1/1-33/1/2 
 WC22  Thornhill (Wesleyan)  C7/34B/1/1 
 WC22  Thornhill Lees (Wesleyan)  C7/34/1/1-34/1/2 
 WC22  Whitley (Wesleyan)  C7/36/1/1 
 WC23  Horbury (UMFC)  C8/14/1/1/1-14/1/1/2 
 WC23  Horbury Ebenezer (PM)  C8/13/1/1/1-13/1/1/2 
 WC23  Horbury Junction  C8/15/1/1/1-15/1/1/2 
 WC23  Middlestown Thornhill Road (Wesleyan)  C8/16/1/1/1 
 WC23  Netherton (Wesleyan)  C8/18/1/1/1 
 WC23  Ossett Dale Street (WR)  C8/20/1/1/1 
 WC23  Ossett Dewsbury Road Kingsway (Wesleyan)  C8/22/1/1/1-22/1/1/2 
 WC23  Ossett Dewsbury Road Streetside (PM)  C8/21/1/1/1 
 WC23  Ossett Queen Street (Wesleyan)  C8/23/1/1/1-23/1/1/2 
 WC23  Ossett South Parade St John  C8/24/1/1/1 
 WC23  Ossett South Parade Trinity  C8/25/1/1/1 
 WC23  Ossett Wesley Street (Wesleyan)  C8/26/1/1/1-26/1/1/3 
 WC23  Overton (PM)  C8/28/1/1/1 
 WC23  Thornhill Edge (PM)  C8/30/1/1/1-30/1/1/2 
 WC24  Crigglestone Great Cliffe Mount Zion (PM)  C13/10/1/1/1 
 WC24  Crigglestone (MNC)  C13/9/1/1/1 
 WC24  Crofton (UMFC)  C13/11/1/1/1-11/1/1/2 
 WC24  Lofthouse (Wesleyan)  C13/15/1/2/1 
 WC24  Outwood Newton Hill (UMFC)  C13/22/1/1/1-22/1/1/4 
 WC24  Outwood Newton Lane End (PM)  C13/24/1/1/1/ 
 WC24  Outwood Newton Lane End St John's (Wesleyan)  C13/23/1/1/1 
 WC24  Outwood Newton Lane End St John's (Wesleyan)  C13/23/1/1/2 
 WC24  Stanley Lee Mount (Wesleyan)  C13/29/1/1/1 
 WC24  Wakefield Belle View Doncaster Road (PM)  C13/32/1 
 WC24  Wakefield Belle View Oxford Street (WM)  C13/32/1/1/1 
 WC24  Wakefield Belle View Oxford Street (WM)  C13/32/1/1/2 
 WC24  Wakefield Market Street (UM)  C13/35/1/2/1 
 WC24  Wakefield Market Street Ebenezer (PM)  C13/36/1/1/1 
 WC24  Wakefield Thornes (UMFC) REFILMED  C13/37/1/1/1/1 
 WC24  Wakefield Thornes (UMFC) REFILMED  C13/37/1/1/2 
 WC24  Wakefield Thornes (UMFC) REFILMED  C13/37/1/2/1 
 WC24  Wakefield West Parade (Wesleyan)  C13/38/1/1/1/-38/1/1/2 
 WC24  OUTWOOD NEWTON LANE END ST John's (W)  C13/23/1/2/2-23/1/2/3 
 WC24  OUTWOOD NEWTON LANE END ST John's (W)  C13/23/1/2/4-23/1/2/8 
 WC24  Outwood Newton Lane End St John's (Wesleyan)  C13/23/1/2/1 
 WC25  Almondbury St John'S (Wesleyan)  C311/65-69 
 WC25  Huddersfield Leeds Road Hope Mission (Wesleyan)  C311/302 
 WC25  Huddersfield Northumberland Street (PM)  C311/26 
 WC25  Moldgreen (UMFC)  C311/334 
 WC25  Sheepridge Providence (UMFC)  C311/387 
 WC25  Shelley Bank Bottom (MNC)  C311/409-410 
 WC26  Alverthorpe (Wesleyan)  C13/7/1/1/1-7/1/1/3 
 WC26  Alverthorpe New Scarborough (PM)  C13/7A/1/1/1 
 WC26  Darrington (Wesleyan)  C6/11/1 
 WC26  Eastmoor (Wesleyan)  C13/12A/1/1/1-12A/1/1/2, 12A/1/2/1 
 WC26  Flockton Hill Top (Wesleyan)  C8/10/1/1/1 
 WC26  Kettlethorpe  C13/1/2/1 
 WC26  Kirkhamgate (PM)  C13/14A/1/1/1-14A/1/1/2 
 WC26  Kirkhamgate (Wesleyan)  C13/14/1/1/1 
 WC26  Knottingley Ropewalk (Wesleyan)  C6/22/1A 
 WC26  Knottingley Zion (PM)  C6/23/1A 
 WC26  Lofthouse (Wesleyan)  C13/15/1/2/2-15/1/2/4 
 WC26  Lofthouse Gate (PM)  C13/16/1/1/1 
 WC26  Lupset Wesley Hall (Wesleyan)  C13/18/1/1/1, 18/1/2/1 
 WC26  Newton Lane End (Wesleyan)  C13/23/1/2/2-23/1/2/3 
 WC26  Outwood  C13/23/1/1/2 
 WC26  Ravensthorpe North Road (Wesleyan)  C7/31/1/1/2-31/1/1/3, 1/2/2-1/2/6 
 WC26  Ravensthorpe West End (PM)  C7/32/1/1/1 
 WC26  Smeaton (Wesleyan)  C6/31/1 
 WC26  Thornhill Combs  C8/29/1/1/1 
 WC27  Batley White Lee Zion (UMFC)  C761/23 
 WC27  Brunswick (UMFC)  C12/31/1/2/1-31/1/2/5 
 WC27  Dewsbury St Mark (Coe)  C761/24 
 WC27  Halifax Springwood Avenue (7th Day Adventist)  C761/22 
 WC27  Huddersfield Jamia Masjid  C761/25 
 WC27  Newton Lane End (Wesleyan)  C13/23/1/2/4-23/1/2/8 
 WC27  Stanley Ferry Lane (UMFC)  C13/27/1/1/1-27/1/1/5, 27/1/2/1-27/1/2/3 
 WC27  Thorpe (Wesleyan)  C13/30/1/1/1 
 WC27  Wakefield Grove Road (Methodist)  C13/34/1/1/1-34/1/1/3 
 WC27  Wakefield Saville Street Brunswick (UMFC)  C13/31/1/1/1-31/1/1/3 
 WC27  Wakefield Thornes Bethel REFILMED  C13/37/1/2/1 
 WC27  Wakefield West Parade (Wesleyan)  C13/38/1/3/1, 38/1/3/3 
 WC27  Wakefield Westgate End (Wesleyan)  C13/39/1/1/1-39/1/1/3, 39/1/2/1-39/1/2/7 
 WC27  Wrenthorpe (FORM W)  C13/42/1/1/1-42/1/1/3 
 WC28  Ackworth (Wesleyan)  C6/5/1 
 WC28  Adwalton Zion (MNC)  C10/9/1-9/3 
 WC28  Badsworth (Methodist)  C6A/1/1/1-6A/1/1/2 
 WC28  Batley (Wesleyan) Circuit  C10/1/1 
 WC28  Batley Broomhill (MNC)  C10/10/1-10/2B 
 WC28  Batley Chidswell Mount Tabor (MNC)  C10/11/1 
 WC28  Batley Cross Bank (Wesleyan)  C10/12/1-12/2 
 WC28  Batley Wellington Street (PM) Circuit  C10/14/1 
 WC28  Beal (Wesleyan)  C6/7/1 
 WC28  Brackenhill (PM)  C6/8/1/1/1 
 WC28  Darrington (Wesleyan)  C6/11/1 
 WC28  Ferrybridge Fishergate (Wesleyan)  C6/18/1 
 WC28  Pontefract Horsefair (Wesleyan) Circuit  C6/2/1-6/2/3 
 WC28  Pontefract Micklegate (P) Circuit  C6/3/1-3/2 
 WC28  South Elmsall Trinity (Wesleyan)  C6/13/1 
 WC28  South Featherston Wilson Street (UMFC)  C6/15/1 
 WC28  South Kirkby Northfield (Methodist)  C6/21A/1/1/1 
 WC28  South Krikby Northfield (Methodist)  C6/21A/1/1/1 
 WC28  Upton (Wesleyan)  C6/35/1/1/1 
 WC28  Wilson Street (UMFC)  C6/15/1 
 WC29  Allerton Bywater  C11/62 
 WC29  Altofts Common (Wesleyan)  C11/65A 
 WC29  Batley Cross Bank (Wesleyan)  C10/12/3 
 WC29  Batley Hick Lane (Wesleyan)  C10/13/1 
 WC29  Batley Talbot Street (UMFC)  C10/23/1/1/1, 23/1/2/1-23/1/2/2 
 WC29  Batley Wellington Street (PM)  C10/14/1 
 WC29  Batley White Lee Zion (UMFC)  C10/15/1/1/1-15/1/1/3 
 WC29  Castleford Bradley Street (PM)  C11/66-68 
 WC29  Castleford Carlton Street (Wesleyan)  C11/85-86 
 WC29  Castleford Duke Street (Wesleyan)  C11/120 
 WC29  Drighlington Trinity (Wesleyan)  C10/18/1-18/2 
 WC29  Hanging Heaton Ebenezer (MNC)  C10/19/1/1/1-19/1/1/3 
 WC29  Kilpin Hill Zion (PM)  C10/24/1/1/1 
 WC29  Purlwell (Wesleyan)  C10/20/1-20/2 
 WC29  Staincliffe (Wesleyan)  C10/21/1 
 WC29 & 30  Castleford Duke Street (Wesleyan)  C11/120, 121 
 WC3  New Fryston (PM)  C11/226-227 
 WC3  North Featherstone Ebenezer (UMFC)  C11/230 
 WC3  Townville (PM)  C11/232 
 WC3  WHITWOOD (W)  C11/255 
 WC3  WHITWOOD MERE (UMFC)  C11/264-265 
 WC30  Castleford Oxford Street (Wesleyan)  C11/128-129 
 WC30  Castleford Powell Street (UMFC)  C11/146A-146B 
 WC30  Castleford Temple Street (PM)  C11/170A 
 WC30  Castleford Temple Street (UMFC)  C11/170A 
 WC30  Cutsyke (Wesleyan) REFILMED  C11/172A-172B 
 WC30  Cutsyke (Wesleyan) REFILMED  
 WC30  Fryston (Wesleyan)  C11/175 
 WC30  Glasshoughton Front Street (Wesleyan)  C11/183-184A 
 WC30  Kippax (PM)  C11/198 
 WC30  Kippax (UMFC)  C11/203 
 WC30  Kippax (Wesleyan)  C11/194 
 WC30  Loscoe (Wesleyan)  C11/208 
 WC30  Lower Altofts Lock Lane (PM)  C11/275 
 WC30  Methley Scholey Hill (UMFC)  C11/217 
 WC30  Methley Zion (UMFC)  C11/223-224 
 WC30  Whitwood (Wesleyan)  C11/254 
 WC30  Whitwood Mere (UMFC)  C11/263 
 WC31  Banks Hill (Wesleyan)  C12/4/1-4/2 
 WC31  Birks (PM)  C12/5/1 
 WC31  Brunswick (PM)  C12/6/1 
 WC31  Churwell (Wesleyan)  C12/8/1-8/3 
 WC31  East Ardsley Bethel (PM)  C12/13/1 
 WC31  East Ardsley Zion (UM)  C12/14/1/1/1 
 WC31  Gildersome Street (UM)  C12/15/1 
 WC31  Morley Bethel (WR/UM)  C12/17/1 
 WC31  Morley Cross Hall, Fletcher Memorial Hall  C12/19/2 
 WC31  Morley Ebenezer (PM)  C12/20/1 
 WC31  Morley Methodist (Wesleyan)  C12/16/1-16/4 
 WC31  Morley Queen Street (Wesleyan)  C12/21/1-21/3 
 WC31  Tingley Common (Wesleyan)  C12/24/1 
 WC31  West Ardsley Rehoboth Alverthorpe (Wesleyan)  C12/25/1-25/3 
 WC32  Cleckheaton (PM)  C25/70-70A 
 WC32  Cleckheaton Whitcliffe Road (Wesleyan)  C25/113-114, 115 
 WC32  Dewsbury Moor (PM)  C25/168 
 WC32  Hartshead (Wesleyan)  C25/189 
 WC32  Hartshead Moor (Wesleyan)  C25/212 
 WC32  Heckmondwike Batley Road (PM)  C25/225-226 
 WC32  Heckmondwike Batley Road (PM) Circuit  C25/47 
 WC32  Heckmondwike Parkside (Wesleyan)  C25/258-259 
 WC32  Liversedge Hightown Trinity (PM)  C25/304 
 WC32  Liversedge Littletown Highfield (PM)  C25/340 
 WC32  Millbridge (Wesleyan)  C25/364 
 WC32  Oakenshaw (Wesleyan)  C25/469-470 
 WC32  Roberttown (Wesleyan)  C25/493A/1-493A/2 
 WC33  Carlton (PM)  C30/4/1/1 
 WC33  Carlton (Wesleyan)  C30/3/1/1 
 WC33  Castleford (UR) Church  C31/1-2 
 WC33  Hopetown (UMFC)  C26/5/1/1-5/1/3 
 WC33  New Sharlston (PM)  C26/10/1/1 
 WC33  Normanton (PM) Circuit  C26/1/1/1-1/1/3 
 WC33  Normanton St Johns (Wesleyan)  C26/7/1/1 
 WC33  Normanton Wakefield Road (Wesleyan)  C26/8/1/1 
 WC33  Oulton (Wesleyan)  C30/5/1/1 
 WC33  Ouzlewell Green (Wesleyan)  C30/7/1/1 
 WC33  Rothwell (Wesleyan)  C30/9/1/1-9/1/2 
 WC33  Scholes (UMFC)  C25/509-510 
 WC33  Sharlston Common (PM)  C26/11/1/1-11/1/2 
 WC33  Upper Altofts (Wesleyan)  C26/4/1/1 
 WC33  Wakefield (Baptist) Church  C69/1/1 
 WC33  Woodlesford (Wesleyan)  C30/13/1/1 
 WC34  BIRSTALL (W)  C87/5/1 
 WC34  BIRSTALL (W)  C87/5/2-5/3 
 WC34  Birkenshaw (Wesleyan) (Also Old Lane Church)  C87/11/1, 11/2 
 WC34  Birkenshaw Bradford Road (UMFC)  C87/9/1, 9/1A 
 WC34  Birstall (Wesleyan)  C87/5A 
 WC34  Birstall Mount Tabor (UMFC)  C87/6/1-6/2 
 WC34  Birstall Mount Top (Wesleyan)  C87/7/1 
 WC34  Drighlington Trinity (Wesleyan)  C87/12/1 
 WC34  East Bierley (WR)  C87/12A/1/1 
 WC35  GOMERSAL WEST LANE (W)  C87/13/2 
 WC35  Gawthorpe Zion (Congregational)  C315/1 & 15 
 WC35  Gomersal West Lane (Wesleyan)  C87/13/1-13/2A 
 WC35  Heckmondwike Westgate (Wr/Umfc)  C439/6A-6B 
 WC35  Hightown St John (Wesleyan)  C87/16/1 
 WC35  Norristhorpe (UR)  C298/1-3, 5-7 
 WC35  Stainland Providence (UR)  C370/1 
 WC35  Tong Westgate Hill (Wesleyan)  C87/18/1 
 WC36  Gawthorpe Zion Chapel (Congregational)  C1184/1/1-1/6 
 WC36  Ossett Church Street (Baptist)  C771/1-4 
 WC36  Robertown (Wesleyan)  C761/26-27 
 WC36  Snydale Streethouse (Congregational) Church  C1184/3/1-3/2 
 WC36  South Elmsall (Congregational) Church  C1184/5/1 
 WC36  Wakefield George Street Zion (UR)  C28/1/1/1/2, 1/1/2/2-1/1/2/7 
 WC36  Wakefield John Street (Congregational) Church  C1184/2/1-2/2 
 WC36  Wakefield Salem Chapel (Congregational)  C1184/4/1 
 WC37  Bottomboat (Methodist)  C761/29 
 WC37  Durkar (PM)  C13/12/1/1/1, 12/1/2/1 
 WC37  Haigh (Methodist)  C761/28 
 WC37  Horbury St Paul and Highfield (Wesleyan)  C8/12/1/4/1 
 WC37  Horbury Westfield Road (Congregational)  C748/1/1/1-1/1/4 
 WC37  Robin Hood (Methodist)  C30/8/1/1/1 
 WC37  Robin Hood (Methodist)  C30/8/1/1/1, 1/2/1-1/2/3 
 WC37  Rothwell (Wesleyan)  C30/9/1/1/3 
 WC37  Scholes (UMFC)  C25/511 
 WC37  Stanley Lee Mount (Methodist)  C30/11/1/1 
 WC37  Wakefield George Street Zion (UR)  C28/1/1/2/8, 1/2/1/8 
 WC38  Airedale (Wesleyan)  C11/58B/1-58B/7 
 WC38  Batley Carr Mackenzie (Wesleyan)  C7/1/2 
 WC38  Batley Carr Mackenzie (Wesleyan)  C761/31 
 WC38  Batley Carr Talbot Street (Methodist)  C7/5/1/1 
 WC38  Battyeford (Methodist)  C761/30 
 WC38  Dewsbury Central (Methodist)  C7/10/1/2/1-1/2/11 
 WC38  Earlsheaton (Wesleyan)  C7/20/1/2/1 
 WC38  Stanley Zion (Congregational)  C28/5/2/1-5/2/3 
 WC38  Swillington (Methodist)  C30/12/1/2/1-1/2/3 
 WC38  Thornhill Lees (Wesleyan)  C7/34/1/1/3-1/1/4, 34/1/2/1-1/2/7 
 WC39  Barnsley & Burton (Quaker)  C786/2/C/II/1-2/C/II/2, 2/D/II/1-2/D/II/3 
 WC4  Ackworth Hillside  C111/1-4 
 WC4  Akroydon (Wesleyan)  C111/5-8 
 WC4  Almondbury High Street (Later Westgate) (UM)  C111/9-12 
 WC4  Almondbury Taylor Hill Road (PM)  C111/13-14 
 WC4  Amblerthorn, Queensbury  C111/15-17 
 WC4  Arthington (Wesleyan)  C111/18 
 WC4  Badsworth  C111/19 
 WC4  Baildon Browgate (PM)  C111/20 
 WC4  Baildon Tong Park (Wesleyan)  C111/21-22 
 WC4  Batley Carr (PM)  C111/42-45 
 WC4  Batley Healey Lane End (PM)  C111/23-27 
 WC4  Batley Hick Lane (Wesleyan)  C111/28-33 
 WC4  Batley Taylor Street (Broomhill) (UM)  C111/34-36 
 WC4  Batley Wellington Street (PM)  C111/37-41 
 WC4  Beal (Wesleyan)  C111/46 
 WC4  Berry Brow, Almondbury Chapel Street Salem (MNC)  C111/47-50 
 WC4  Bingley St John'S Street Zion (PM)  C111/51-55 
 WC4  Birkenshaw Old Lane (Wesleyan)  C111/56-58 
 WC4  Birks Morley (PM)  C111/59-61 
 WC4  Birstall Mount Tabor (UMFC)  C111/62-63 
 WC4  Bowling Wakefield Road Prospect Hall (Wesleyan)  C111/64-71 
 WC4  Bowling West Newton Street (Wesleyan)  C111/72 
 WC4  Bowling West Street  C111/73-76 
 WC40  Ackworth (Quaker)  C786/2/C/1/1-2/C/1/5, 2/D/1/1-2/D/1/10 
 WC40  Castleford (Quaker)  C786/2/C/111/1, 2/D/111/1 
 WC40  Dewsbury (Quaker)  C786/2/C/IX/1 
 WC40  Pontefract Monthly Meeting (Quaker)  C786/2/A/1-2/A/74, 2/A/7, 2/B/1-2/B/5, 2/C/VIII/1, 2/E/1-2/E/4, 2/D/VIII/1-2/D/VIII/4 
 WC41  Highflatts (Quaker)  C786/2/C/IV/1-2/C/IV/10 
 WC41  Pontefract (Quaker)  C786/2/C/V/1, 3- 2/C/V/4, 2/D/V/1-2/D/V/5 
 WC41  Wakefield (Quaker)  C786/2/C/VI/1-2/C/VI/4, 2/D/VI/1-2/D/VI/4 
 WC41  Wooldale (Quaker)  C786/2/C/VII/1-2/C/VII/3, 2/D/VII/1-2/D/VII/8 
 WC42  OSSETT GREEN (CONG/UR)  C315/2/56/2/1-2/56/2/7 
 WC42  Breistfield (Wesleyan)  C7/8/1/1 
 WC42  Broomfield Moorbottom Cleckheaton (UMFC)  C439/9/1/1 
 WC42  Middlestown Cross Road (Methodist)  C761/32-33 
 WC42  Ossett Green (Cong/Ur)  C315/2/56/1/1 
 WC43  Wakefield George Street Zion (UR)  C28/1, 2 
 WC43  WAKEFIELD GEORGE STREET Zion (UR)  C28/1/1/4/1-1/1/4/2 
 WC43  Wakefield George Street Zion (UR)  C28/1/2/1/1-1/2/1/4 
 WC44  Birchcliffe (Baptist)  C46/1 
 WC44  Wakefield John Street (Congregational)  C28/2/1/1 
 WC44  Wakefield Salem (Congregational)  C28/3/1 
 WC44  WAKEFIELD GEORGE STREET Zion (UR)  C28/1/2/1/5-1/2/1/7 
 WC45  Denby Dale (Wesleyan)  C27/1-2 
 WC45  Hoyland Common Chapel Street  C111/428-429 
 WC5  Bradford Baird Street (PM)  C111/78-81 
 WC5  Bradford Cliffe Road Victoria (Wesleyan)  C111/82 
 WC5  Bradford Heaton Road (PM)  C111/83-88 
 WC5  Bradford Horton Road (MNC) Later Shearbridge Road (Mannville Chapel)  C111/87-93 
 WC5  Bradford Ingleby Road (Brownroyd Chapel) (PM)  C111/94-97 
 WC5  Bradford Kirkgate (Wesleyan)  C111/98-103 
 WC5  Bradford Manchester Road (PM)  C111/104-105 
 WC5  Bradford Maperton Road  C111/106 
 WC5  Bradford Moor  C111/143 
 WC5  Bradford Otley Road (Wesleyan)  C111/107-115 
 WC5  Bradford Richmond Terrace (Wesleyan)  C111/116-121 
 WC5  Bradford Southend Street (Wesleyan)  C111/122-125 
 WC5  Bradford Sunbridge Road (Wesleyan)  C111/126-129 
 WC5  Bradford Tennyson Place Tennyson Place (PM)  C111/130-131 
 WC5  Bradford Toller Lane (UM)  C111/132-135 
 WC5  Bradford Wakefield Road (Wesley Place Chapel) (UM)  C111/136-138 
 WC5  Bradford Wallis Street (UM)  C111/139 
 WC5  Bradford Westgate (UMFC)  C111/140 
 WC5  Bradford White Abbey Road (Wesleyan)  C111/141-142 
 WC5  Bowling Stephen Road (MNC) (Later Bethel Methodist)  C111/77 
 WC6  Bradford Moor (Greenhill Chapel) (Wesleyan)  C111/144-150 
 WC6  Brighouse King Street (St Paul'S) (Wesleyan)  C111/151-156 
 WC6  Caddy Field, Halifax (Wesleyan)  C111/157 
 WC6  Carlton Chapel (Wesleyan)  C111/158-159 
 WC6  Castleford (Wesleyan)  C111/160 
 WC6  Castleford Carlton Street (Wesleyan)  C111/161-167 
 WC6  Castleford Oxford Street (Wesleyan)  C111/168-169 
 WC6  Castleford Pontefract Road  C111/170 
 WC6  Castleford Powell Street (Providence) (UMFC)  C111/171-174 
 WC6  Charlestown Baildon (Wesleyan)  C111/175-178 
 WC6  Chickenley Soothill Nether (Wesleyan)  C111/179-181 
 WC6  Chidswell Dewsbury (MNC)  C111/182-184 
 WC6  Churwell, Morley Elland Road  C111/185-186 
 WC6  Clayton West (Wesleyan)  C111/187 
 WC6  Cleckheaton Whitcliffe Road (Wesleyan)  C111/188-192 
 WC6  Cragg, Mytholmroyd (Wesleyan)  C111/193-194 
 WC6  Deighton, Huddersfield (UM)  C111/195-197 
 WC6  Denby Dale, Miller Hill  C111/198-199 
 WC6  Denholme (Wesleyan)  C111/200 
 WC6  Dewsbury (Salem) (MNC)  C111/201-206 
 WC6  Dewsbury Wellington Road (PM)  C111/213-216 
 WC6  Dewsbury, Moorlands  C111/207-210 
 WC6  Dirkhill, Bradford (PM)  C111/217-220 
 WC7  Drighlington Wakefield Road  C111/221-223 
 WC7  Drighlington Whitehall Road (PM)  C111/224 
 WC7  Dudley Hill Wakefield Road (Wesleyan)  C111/225-227 
 WC7  Dunkeswick Weeton Lane  C111/228 
 WC7  Earlsheaton, Dewsbury  C111/232-234 
 WC7  East Ardsley (PM)  C111/235-236 
 WC7  East Ardsley Zion (UM)  C111/237-239 
 WC7  Eccleshill (Greengates) (Wesleyan)  C111/240-244 
 WC7  Eccleshill Ravenscliffe Avenue  C111/245-247 
 WC7  Eccleshill Stoney Lane (Wesleyan)  C111/248-252 
 WC7  Eccleshill Victoria Road  C111/253 
 WC7  Elland (Wesleyan)  C111/254-260 
 WC7  Elland Frances Street (PM)  C111/261-263 
 WC7  Elland Temperance Street (UM)  C111/264-268 
 WC7  Farsley Town Street (Wesleyan)  C111/269-270 
 WC7  Featherstone Featherstone Lane (PM)  C111/271-274 
 WC7  Featherstone Wilson Street  C111/275 
 WC7  Fixby Kew Hill  C111/276 
 WC7  Friendly, Sowerby Bridge  C111/277-281 
 WC7  Frizinghall, Bradford (Wesleyan)  C111/282-285 
 WC7  Garforth Wakefield Road  C111/286-287 
 WC7  Gawthorpe (UM)  C111/288-290 
 WC7  Glasshoughton Front Street  C111/291-293 
 WC7  Glasshoughton Leeds Road (PM)  C111/294-295 
 WC7  Gomersal Birdacre (West View)  C111/296-297 
 WC7  Grassington Main Street (PM)  C111/298 
 WC7  Great Horton (Bethel) (PM)  C111/299-302 
 WC7  Greetland Middle Dean Street (PM)  C111/303-307 
 WC7  Greetland Thornfield (UM)  C111/308-311 
 WC7  Guiseley Otley Road (PM)  C111/312-314 
 WC8  Guiseley Otley Road (PM)  C111/315-316 
 WC8  Halifax Bank Top (Bethesda)  C111/317 
 WC8  Halifax Broad Street (Wesleyan)  C111/318-322 
 WC8  Halifax Pellon Lane (Trinity Methodist Chapel)  C111/323-327 
 WC8  Halifax Prescott Street (St John'S) (Wesleyan)  C111/328-336 
 WC8  Halifax Queen'S Road (MNC) (Later St Andrew'S)  C111/337-343 
 WC8  Halifax Queen'S Road (PM) (Later Fairfield Methodist)  C111/344-348 
 WC8  Halifax Queen'S Road (Wesleyan)  C111/349-350 
 WC8  Halifax Rhodes Street (Wesleyan)  C111/351-359 
 WC8  Halifax West End  C111/360-362 
 WC8  Hanging Heaton Commonside (Wesleyan)  C111/363-364 
 WC8  Hartshead (Wesleyan)  C111/365 
 WC8  Haworth Bridgehouse (Wesleyan)  C111/366-369 
 WC8  Haworth Mill Hey (PM)  C111/370-374 
 WC8  Hebden Bridge Cross Land (UMFC)  C111/371-379 
 WC8  Hebden Bridge Foster Lane (Wesleyan)  C111/380-382 
 WC9  Heckmondwike Greenside (Later Parkside) (Wesleyan)  C111/383-386 
 WC9  Heptonstall Highgate (Wesleyan)  C111/387 
 WC9  Hepworth Jackson Bridge (Wesleyan)  C111/388-391 
 WC9  Hermit Hole, Keighley (Wesleyan)  C111/392/1-392/2 
 WC9  Hillam (Wesleyan)  C111/393 
 WC9  Hillhouse Huddersfield (UMFC)  C111/394-397 
 WC9  Holmfirth (Wesleyan)  C111/398-403 
 WC9  Honley High Street (Wesleyan)  C111/404-407 
 WC9  Honley Southgate (PM)  C111/409-411 
 WC9  Horbury High Street (Ebenezer ) (PM)  C111/412-417 
 WC9  Horbury High Street (UM)  C111/418-419 
 WC9  Horbury Junction Millfield Road (Wesleyan)  C111/420-423 
 WC9  Horsforth Batchelor Lane  C111/424 
 WC9  Hove Edge, Brighouse  C111/425-427 
 WC9  Hoyland Common Chapel Street Refilmed  C111/428-429 
 WC9  Huddersfield Brunswick Street (FWC)  C111/430-432 
 WC9  Huddersfield Buxton Road (Wesleyan)  C111/433-441 
 WC9  Huddersfield High Street (UM)  C111/442-444 
 WC9  Idle Town Lane (PM) Ebenezer  C111/445-448