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Source Information

Ancestry.com. Cripplegate Ward, London Aldermen, 1276-1900 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2004.
Original data: Baddeley, John James. The Aldermen of Cripplegate Ward from A.D. 1276 to A.D. 1900. Together with Some Account of the Office of Alderman, Alderman's Deputy and Common Councilman of the City of London. London, England: J.J. Baddeley, 1900.

About Cripplegate Ward, London Aldermen, 1276-1900

This database contains information on the aldermen (a type of governing official) of Cripplegate Ward in London, England, who served in office between 1276 and 1900. It contains alphabetical and chronological lists of the aldermen, as well as biographical notes. In addition, it also includes topics such as the qualifications of an alderman, his nomination and election, his duties, and other information relating to this position. This database would be especially useful to researchers with ancestors who actually served as aldermen, but it may also be of use to individuals with ancestors from this area of London who are seeking to gain a historical perspective of the area, its individuals, and governing bodies.