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Source Information

Ancestry.com. St. Asaph, Wales: Records of Peter Roberts and Thomas Rowlands, 1595-1653 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2004.
Original data: Roberts, Peter. Y Cwtta Cyfarwydd: "The Chronicle written by the Famous Clarke, Peter Roberts, " Notary Public, for the Years 1607-1646. With an Appendix from the Register Note-Book of Thomas Rowlands, Vicar-Choral of St. Asaph, for the Years 1595-1607 and 1640-1653, Prefaced with an Introductory Chapter and Pedigrees by Thomas, M. A.. London, England: Whiting, 1883.

About St. Asaph, Wales: Records of Peter Roberts and Thomas Rowlands, 1595-1653

This database contains the Chronicle of Peter Roberts, a notary public from 1607 to 1646. It also contains the register Note-Book of Thomas Rowlands, the vicar-choral of St. Asaph from 1595 to 1607 and 1640 to 1653. In the Chronicle, Peter Roberts embraces a wide range of subjects, including the events that came under his jurisdiction as notary public and as proctor, as well as items that came to his knowledge by report. Therefore, he recorded a number of events showing the civil and ecclesiastical state of St. Asaph. The Note-Book is an ecclesiastical record of the parish of St. Asaph and provides information on the parish from time periods not found in the Chronicle (p. ix). Researchers with ancestors from Denbighshire, Wales (where St. Asaph is located) will especially find this database of worth.