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Source Information

Ancestry.com. Boxford Churchwardens' Accounts, 1530-1561 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2003.
Original data: Northeast, Peter, ed.. Boxford Churchwardens' Accounts 1530-1561. Suffolk, England: Boydell, 1982.

About Boxford Churchwardens' Accounts, 1530-1561

This database contains the churchwardens' accounts of the parish of Boxford from 1530 to 1561. Boxford is one of the only parishes that has pre-Reformation churchwardens' accounts that continue through the entire Reformation period. Churchwardens frequently had to use their own money to sustain the parish, which meant that they had to be somewhat wealthy men. Through the churchwarden account records, the "dramatic changes affecting church life and finances during the middle year of the sixteenth century" can be seen. The accounts themselves are arranged chronologically by year, and they list what the payment was for (or who to whom the payment was made), and also how much the payment was.