Source Information Woman's Work in the Civil War [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2003.
Original data: Brockett, L. P.. Woman's Work in the Civil War: A Record of Heroism, Patriotism and Patience. Philadelphia, PA, USA: Zeigler, McCurdy and Co., 1867.

About Woman's Work in the Civil War

This database contains a record dedicated to preserving the efforts, services, and sacrifices of those women who assisted in the Civil War. During the Civil War women served as nurses in hospitals, and worked at "desks, corresponding with auxiliary aid societies, taking account of goods received for sanitary supplies, re-packing and shipping them to the points where they were needed, inditing and sending out circulars appealing for aid," as well as at many other types of jobs, serving in whatever capacity they could. This book is a tribute to those women. While this work describes the contributions of many of the women who served in the Civil War, it is by no means a comprehensive work of all the women who did so. Even if one of your female ancestors is not mentioned in this book, it may still be valuable to you as a researcher and historian. Because this work is centered around the women of the Civil War, it provides an interesting perspective on some well-known historical events.