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Source Information

Ancestry.com. Commissioned Sea Officers of the Royal Navy, 1660-1815 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2003.
Original data: The Commissioned Sea Officers of the Royal Navy, 1660-1815. Vol. I-II. 1954[?].

About Commissioned Sea Officers of the Royal Navy, 1660-1815

This database is a listing of the officers who served in the Royal Navy between 1660 and 1815. Beside the name of each officer is his rank and the year in which he served in that rank. This list was compiled from a number of sources, which are listed at the beginning of this work. The idea to create such a list was conceived by David Bonner Smith, Admiralty Librarian. After his death the list was completed by R. N. College, Greenwich, in collaboration with the National Maritime Museum. The first few pages of this work should be consulted, as they contain some important information regarding the scope and nature of the list and its history, as well as the source information and an explanation of abbreviations used in the list.