Source Information Suffolk, England, Extracted Church of England Parish Records [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2001.
Original data: Electronic databases created from various publications of parish and probate records.

About Suffolk, England, Extracted Church of England Parish Records

This database is a collection of historical parish registers from the county of Suffolk in the country of England. The records in this collection can range in date from the early 1500s to the mid- to late-1800s. Some non-parish records may be included from as early as the twelfth century. Parish records--primarily baptisms, marriages, and burials--provide the best source of vital record information in the centuries before civil registration. The records include baptisms/christenings, burials, marriages, tombstone inscriptions, obituaries, tax lists, wills, and other miscellaneous types of records. Also included are some records from non-conformist churches. All of the data was converted as it was originally presented in various published registers and books. For this reason, you will find interesting phonetic spellings and large descriptive tables of contents.

What should I know about this collection to access the data?
Some of the records may be in Latin or even a Welsh or Scottish dialect depending on location. The spelling is archaic, and is transcribed as it was written. There are many spelling inconsistencies and non-standard grammar. Phonetic spelling is often used. Try using variant spellings if a search yields no results.

The individual files in this database may not include all dates and records for each parish/church. Use caution in assuming that any database is a complete set of records--even for the parishes and time period listed. Due to the legibility of the original sources, there may be gaps in the records, including partial sentences, cut-off words, and other omissions.

Due to the nature of the records and because the records were originally compiled by a third party, it is difficult to absolutely verify the completeness and validity of the data. The information in this collection is as correct as it was when received it, and has merely been reproduced in an electronic format.

What historical background should I know to use this data?
A large number of parish records date from the sixteenth century, when a series of mandates required clergy to compile records of baptisms, marriages, and burials within the parish, and to send an annual copy to the Bishop. Essentially, there are two sets of records: the parish copy and the copy the clergyman sent to the Bishop each year, known as Bishops Transcripts. Many records were destroyed, lost, or simply not kept during the Civil War (1642-60). Of the surviving records, many have since been transcribed and collected by genealogical societies. The records are a valuable resource for finding vital information of people of the time. The content of the records may vary between the two sets.

Civil registration of births, deaths, and marriage, often called General Registration, began in July of 1837. It provides a national vital records index that simplifies searches and includes people who may not have been associated with a church. The civil records are more readily available than parish records (parish records after 1837 often aren't filmed) and are easier to use. But many births went unrecorded in the early years of civil registration, so parish records are still extremely valuable.

Suffolk: - Hearth Tax Returns, 1674

  • Various Lists (Houses with 20 Hearths and Upwards, Houses with a Name, Peers, Baronets, Knights and Dames, Military and Naval Officers, Doctors, Clergymen, and Parsonages)
    • Suffolk: - Registers of Marriages (Various Parishes), 1538-1837
      • Marriages at Hoxne, 1548 to 1837
      • Marriages at Syleham, 1538 to 1837
      • Marriages at Mendham, 1678 to 1837
      • Marriages at Metfield, 1559 to 1837
      • Marriages at Withersdale, 1660 to 1837
      Suffolk: - Registers of Marriages (Various Parishes), 1539-1837
      • Marriages at Fressingfield, 1554 to 1837
      • Marriages at Weybread, 1687 to 1837
      • Marriages at Somerleyton, 1558 to 1837
      • Marriages at Ashby, 1553 to 1837
      • Marriages at Risby, 1674 to 1837
      • Marriages at Dunwich St. Peter, 1549 to 1658
      • Marriages at Grundisburgh, 1539 to 1837
      • Marriages at Mickfield, 1558 to 1837
      • Marriages at Thrandeston, 1813 to 1837
      Suffolk: - Subsidy Returns, 1327
      Suffolk: - Subsidy Returns, 1524
      Suffolk: - Subsidy Returns, 1568
      • Babberghe Hundred
      • Hundred de Blackeborn
      • Hundred of Blything
      • The Hundred of Bosmere and Claydon
      • Villa de Burye Sancti Edmundi
      • Hundred of Carlford
      • Hundred de Colnes
      • Cosforde Hundred
      • The Hauffe Hundred of Exninge
      • Hundred de Hartismer
      • Hundred de Hoxne
      • Ipswich
      • The Hundre de of Lackford
      • Hundred de Loes
      • Hundred Del Lothinglande
      • Hundrede Del Mutford
      • Hundred De Plomesgate
      • Hundred de Risbridge
      • Samfforde Hundred
      • Stowe Hundred
      • Thedwardystre Hundred
      • The Hundrede Of Thingo
      • Hundrede de Thredlinge
      • Hundred Del Wainford
      • Hundred de Wylforde
      Suffolk: Bury St. Edmonds - St. James Registers of Marriages, 1562-1800
      Suffolk: Bury St. Edmunds - Biographical List of Boys Educated at King Edward 6th Free Grammar School, 1550-1900
      Suffolk: Denham - Parish Registers (Christenings, Marriages, Burials) with Historical Notes and Notices, 1539-1850
      • Denham Parish Registers
      • Monumental Inscriptions in Denham Church
      • Denham Tombstones
      • Lewkenor Wills
      • Denham Wills
      • Inquisitiones Post Mortem
      • Denham Tax Payers
      • Denham Valuations and Returns
      • The Feudal Lords of the Manor
      • Denham Abbots
      • The Under-Lords
      Suffolk: Great Whelentham - Parish Registers (Christenings, Marriages, Burials) and History, 1557-1850
      • Great Whelnetham Parish Registers
      • Little Whelnetham Parish Registers
      • Monumental Inscriptions in Great Whelnetham Church
      • Tombstones in Great Whelnetham Churchyard
      • Monumental Inscriptions in Little Whelnetham Church
      • Tombstones in Little Whelnetham Churchyard
      • Whelnetham Tax Payers
      • Valuations and Peturns
      • Whelnetham Wills from between 1350-1724
      • Inquisitions Post Mortem. from between 1312 and 1590
      • The Manors and Their Lords
      Suffolk: Hollesley - Parish Registers (Christenings, Marriages, Burials), 1623-1812
      Suffolk: Horringer - Parish Registers with appendices and biographical notes, 1558-1850
      • Church Briefs
      • Monumental Inscriptions within Horringer Church
      • Monumental Inscriptions in Horringer Churchyard
      • Rectors of Great and Little Horringer
      • Poll Tax Payers of 1381
      • Subscribers to the Suffolk Ship
      • Horringer Voters
      • The Curates of Horringer
      Suffolk: Ickworth - Parish Registers (Christenings, Marriages, Burials), 1566-1890
      • Ickworth Parish Registers
      • Tomb Stones in Ickworth Churchyard
      • Monumental Inscriptions in Ickworth Church
      • Deeds Relating to Ickworth Parsonage
      • Rectors of Ickworth
      Suffolk: Ipswich - St. Nicholas Parish Registers (Christenings, Marriages, Burials), 1539-1710
      Suffolk: Little Saxham - Parish Registers (Christenings, Marriages, Burials) with Appendices, Biographies, etc., 1559-1850
      • Monumental Inscriptions Within Little Saxham Church
      • Monumental Inscriptions in Little Saxham Churchyard
      • Lost Inscriptions
      • Taxpayers in 1327
      • Jurymen in 1341
      • Poll Tax Payers 1381
      • Taxpayers in 1522
      • Hearth Tax Payers in 1670
      • Thingoe Hundred Taxes, 1454
      • Ecclesiastical Return, 1603
      • Subscribers to the Suffolk Ship
      • Some Wills and Inquisitions Post Mortem
      • Rectors of Little Saxham
      • Curates of Little Saxham
      • Little Saxham in 1638
      Suffolk: Rushbrook - Parish Registers (Christenings, Marriages, Burials), 1567-1850
      • Monumental Inscriptions Within Rushbrook Church
    • Monumental Inscriptions in Rushbrook Churchyard
  • Rushbrook Lay Subsidies
  • Rectors of Rushbrook
  • Curates of Rushbrook
  • Rushbrook Wills
Suffolk: Shotley - Parish Records (A General Record of the Parish)
  • Raw Materials (Fines, Inquisitions, Wills, Shotley Taxpayers).
  • The Parish and its Hamlets.
  • The Visdelou Family.
  • Mosell and Felton.
  • The Strattons of Kirkton Manor.
  • Gleanings From the Kirkton Manor Rolls.
  • The Clergy.
Suffolk: Shotley - Parish Registers (Christenings, Marriages, Burials) and Tombstone Inscriptions, 1571-1850
  • Shotley Parish Registers
  • Monumental Inscriptions in Shotley Church
  • Tombstones in Shotley Churchyard
Suffolk: Sudbury - Marriage Licences, 1684-1754
Suffolk: Sudbury - Marriage Licences, 1755-81
Suffolk: Sudbury - Marriage Licences, 1782-1814
Suffolk: Sudbury - Marriage Licences, 1815-39
Suffolk: West Stow, Wordwell - West Stow Parish Registers 1558-1850 and Wordwell Parish Registers, 1580-1850 (Christenings, Marriages, Burials)
  • Monumental Inscriptions in West Stow Church
  • Monumental Inscriptions in West Stow Churchyard
  • Lay Subsidies for West Stow and Wordwell for the years 1327, 1341, 1539, 1543, 1544, 1549, 1550, 1566, 1576, 1581, 1598, 1599, 1620, 1625, 1627, 1639, 1640, 1641, 1675
  • Rectors and Curates of West Stow
  • Rectors and Curates of Wordwell
  • Christian Names
  • Wills
  • Inquisitio Post Mortem Edmundi Crofts. 1558
  • Lost Tombstones
  • Lucas Family
  • Crofts Family
  • Edward Proger
  • The Proger Brothers
  • The Fowke Family
  • The Edwards Family
  • Lessees of the Hall
  • West Stow Hall
  • The Sale
  • Roman and Saxon Antiquities( A Roman Kiln, A Saxon Cemetery, Celtic Remains)
  • The Owners of Wordwell
  • Tenants of Wordwell Hall Farm
  • Captain Booty Harvey