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Source Information

Nichols, Shirley, comp.. Italian Passengers to Louisiana, 1905-10 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2000.
Original data: Louisiana State Archives. Citizens and Alien Manifests of Ships to Port of New Orleans, Louisiana. New Orleans, LA, USA.

About Italian Passengers to Louisiana, 1905-10

While many Italian immigrants came to the United States through Ellis Island and the port of New York, there were thousands who arrived at different ports throughout the country. Many immigrants traveling from the city of Palermo entered the United States at the port of New Orleans, Louisiana. Transcribed from original passenger lists found at the Louisiana State Library, this database contains a series of transcribed passenger lists of Italian vessels arriving in New Orleans, Louisiana between 1905 and 1910. Included in the lists are names, ages, occupations, native countries or towns, and destinations for more than 7,000 Italian immigrants.

This database contains records of sixteen Italian passenger vessels arriving in New Orleans on various dates between May 1905 and February 1910. It includes lists from the following ships:

SS Vincenzo Florio, 5 May 1905
SS Vincenzo Florio, 21 Jan 1906
SS Piemonte, 31 May 1907
SS Piemonte, 16 Oct 1907
SS Gerty, Oct 1907
SS Sofia, 3 Jan 1908
SS Liguria, 11 Mar 1908
SS Liguria, Oct 12, 1908
SS Giulia, Oct 1908
SS Liguria, 14 May 1909
SS Liguria, 22 Feb 1910

All original passenger lists can be found at the Louisiana State Archives.