Source Information Kapsweyer, Germany Church Records, 1693-1920 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 1999.
Original data: Banet, Charles, trans. Kapsweyer Marriages, Baptisms, Deaths, 1693-1920

About Kapsweyer, Germany Church Records, 1693-1920

The tranquil town of Kapsweyer, a short distance from the Rhine River in Germany, has been home to hundreds of thousands of people since its founding. This database is a collection of Catholic Church records for parish residents between 1693 and 1920. Births (1694-1902), marriages (1693-1920), and deaths (1693-1920) are given along with town of residence. Date sequences are in Month/Day/Year format. Some important abbreviations used in this collection are: bd - Birth Date, bi - Birth Date of an Illegitimate Child, bp - Baptismal or Christening Date, ma - Married To, gs - Not Married, but associated with, de - Death Date, co - Confirmation Date, si - Signature, ca - circa, sp - sponsor, S or Stf - Steinfeld, K or Kps - Kapsweyer, Kl - Kleinsteinfeld, N/O - Niederotterbach.