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Source Information

Ancestry.com. Sweden, Births from the Swedish Death Index, 1901-2006 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2011.
Original data: Sveriges Släktforskarförbund, comp. Sweden, Births from the Swedish Death Index, 1901-2006. Sweden.

About Sweden, Births from the Swedish Death Index, 1901-2006

This database contains birth information for over 7.5 million individuals who died in Sweden between 1901 and 2006. The records include births from about 1800 to 2006. The birth information is taken from the database compiled by members of the Swedish Federation of Genealogical Associations, Sveriges Släktforskarförbund, and published under the name of Swedish Death Index, 1901-2006 (Sveriges Dödbok 1901-2009). The database was compiled using mainly parish and civil records. There are no family relationships mentioned in the data. The fields researchable on line with Ancestry are:

  • Given Name
  • Surname
  • Birth date
  • Birthplace

The search result page on Ancestry will provide a link to the Federation’s webpage where the CD with the complete birth and death information for each individual can be purchased.

The Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies, Sveriges Släktforskarförbund, is the umbrella organization for some 160 genealogical societies in most parts of the country. For more information about the Federation, visit their website.

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