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The "Rolls and Lists" description of this category can be misleading in some cases. Where some of the collections are lists that may be leaner in detail, some of the records in this category can include helpful information like birth date and place, marital status, names of spouse and/or parents, religion, rank, military unit, residence, any injuries sustained, and other details related to military service. Injury and casualty lists may include the circumstances, and prisoner of war records can tell you whether your ancestor died, escaped, was paroled, exchanged or released, and when.

These records range from military unit muster rolls, to pension lists, to prisoner of war (POW) records. If your ancestor served in the military, chances are they will be listed in one of these lists.

Ancestors that seem to disappear for a period of time may have served in the military. Sometimes locating a name on a solider, prisoner or veteran list is the link you have been searching for. It will provide the information you need to understand his military life, and to allow you to begin to reconstruct his activities.

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